The When and The Who

I try to update on Fridays. Sometimes it doesn’t happen…sorry.  I hope you enjoy it and thanks for reading!

About the Author:

My name is Staci. I grew up in the Coachella Valley of California and now live in Washington.

You can email me! staci at stacicrouch dot com.

9 responses to “The When and The Who

  1. Hi Staci –
    I came across your page while digging up the past on google. I’m living in Denver, CO – but lived in Palm Springs until I was 20.
    While reading through your blogs it really felt personal when you’d mention the place you grew up – that’s EXACTLY what that place was like. I graduated 2 years before you – and the way you described the street fair routine was totally right on for me as well.
    Thanks for bringing back some fond memories! I also agree with you about the seasons. I never knew how wonderful spring and summer could really be.
    Now, after living here for so long and dealing with the seasons, I truly understand what those snow birds have been thinking!
    Thanks again for your blog, it’s been fun!

  2. I came across your blog when you popped into mine and subscribed. Thank you. I like your attitude – your a writer starting out with a blog. I am too. When I started this journey almost a year ago I had no idea where it would take me. I’m pleased that it has led me to lovely blogs like yours. I look forward to reading more.

    • Thanks so much for following! I’ve actually been reading your blog for awhile. Thing is I’m not very computer savvy and just discovered I can follow people on WordPress and they’ll actually know about it! Looking forward to reading more of your writing!

  3. I am reading some of your LiveJournal here and feel kind of voyeuristic, so hey! It’s Casey. We met recently hanging out with Dustin and others at the Ace, and I disagreed with your opinions on things! Hope you’re well.

    • Hi Casey, I remember meeting you and proclaiming at the end of the night that we were friends. Glad you found the blog. I hope you’re enjoying it! Thanks for reading, even if you find you disagree a lot. 🙂

      • Oh it’s not very disagreeable, for the most part. I do think we need to have a long discussion about your taste in webcomics if you were at all disappointed at not getting to meet Jeph Jacques, however. I’ll keep on a’readin’ nonetheless, though I’m not much of a blog person and feel like kind of a creeper.

      • The fact that you’re commenting makes you not a creeper. After all my blog is written to be read, no matter if you’re a creeper or not.

        What’s wrong with Questionable Content?! I love it, it’s wicked funny. 🙂

  4. There’s a lot more about you then where you grew up and where you live now. Anyway I love and miss you ladybug. ❤

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