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Quietly Creeping

So I managed to make my deadline. My goal was to have this little book of short creepy stories published by September 30th. September 30th is when school starts for me and I knew if I didn’t have it published by then it would fall by the wayside and not get done until I had completed my Master’s program.

I’m proud say it’s done. It’s published. It’s ready and waiting to creep you out! You can buy it here.

Right now it’s just an ebook but I’m looking into making physical copies available as well.

The whole reason this book came about was because of my late husband Jordan. He was a writing enthusiast, but as far as I know, was never able to finish a story. While going through his things I found a metric ton of his writing, which included but was not limited to, poems, songs and the beginning of intricate, winding novels. I think if he’d had the discipline to sit down and write one it would have been picked up quickly and sold like gangbusters. This is not to say he wasn’t a disciplined person. He wanted to write a novel, it just wasn’t a huge priority. He was a talented man and he spread that talent over many mediums. He sometimes referred to himself as a Jack of all trades but a master of none.

One day I was reading through his many written words and I came across three stories that were similar in nature. They were dark, creepy and examined the differences between reality and fantasy. I remembered him talking about these stories. While I remembered the general gist of the stories I, of course, could not remember all their intricate details. I re-read the writing he had. I pulled them out and put them all together in a binder. I got out a notebook, highlighter and post-its and took on the task of combining and adding to the stories.

I anticipated writing a long mystery novel. What I came up with was another short story. At first I was annoyed. I already had a number of short stories I didn’t know what to do with. As I glanced over my folder of short stories I decided to re-read some of them. I realized they all shared a common theme, fear.

But not in the way you would expect. It was something more subtle. The White Room was written as I struggled with my beliefs. The Child and his Beast explores growing up and loosing something in the process. Oliver Waits for Olivia examines relationships and what might happen if what you thought was real was not. The Roommate delves into being alone and going crazy. Wake Up, 
Travis, which is the story that was born of Jordan’s writing is sort of the odd ball out. Although it does examine some fears, like not having control of your life and not being able to tell the difference between reality and fantasy, it does not directly reflect a fear I’ve had to face. But I still put it in because I realized something else as I re-read these stories. All of these stories were written right before or after Jordan entered my life. I decided right then to edit and compile them into a book of short stories.

I knew I could not in good conscience publish this book under my own name. Jordan’s influence was in the very souls of these stories, so I figured a nom de plum was in order. The nom de plume would be a combination of my name and Jordan’s to honor his role in  each of the stories. I know Jordan would love these stories because he had read all but two of them and had told me he loved them.

I hope he’s proud of what I’ve put together and thrilled that one of his stories has been published, even if it’s in a slightly different form than he expected.

What a Dumb Idea

Remember last week when I talked about finding Reginald and all my extra copies of the printed version of my first ten blog posts? Well, I had a dumb idea.

I decided to turn those extra copies into a freaking BOOK! Yep. I put them all together, made a cover page and a dedication page. I also did original art for all ten columns. A lot of the art is collage, but there’s also some pieces done with stickers, markers, and one even has paint. It’s really professional looking.

See, so professional!

The reason it’s a dumb idea is that I have to go to Kinkos and make color copies of all the art. Then I’m also going to pay Kinkos to bind all the pages into actual books. When it’s all done I’m going to sell them for a $1. If someone wants to pay a little more I won’t say no.

A friend of mine pointed out that I might loose some money on this project. That is true, I probably will. BUT! It’s kept me busy and made me feel important for a couple weeks so I’d say it’s a few dollars well lost…

ANYway, that’s what I’ve been occupying myself with lately. But since I’ve been so immersed in that I don’t have a good blog post this week. I was going to do a top five list, but I couldn’t think of a good one. Except maybe top five times I’ve been wicked drunk, wait that’s a good one.

Top Five Times I’ve Been Very Very Drunk (in no particular order)

1. That time at Chopstix. If you know about this one, good for you. I don’t want to talk about it.

2. In Palm Springs, at The Ace Hotel drinking Gin & Tonics with my friend Dustin. I didn’t really have a taste for gin for a long time since it reminds me of licking a pine tree, but for some reason the ones Dustin kept bringing me tasted like very refreshing water. Which is not good if you’re going for moderation.

3. July 3rd, 2008 was a Thursday, it was also the day before the 4th of July (dur) and so some friends decided to have a party before the party. I drank so much I was hungover until about 4pm the next day. I missed all the festivities at Gasworks that year and could only nibble a banana until about 2pm.

4. At Bill’s Gamblin’ Hall in Las Vegas this year. I met up with my old boyfriend (yup the good one) from High School and we drank like we were sixteen again. Which was a poor choice since I am no longer sixteen but thirty. I still love Vegas, because it’s a big 24 hour party and hey! I like parties!

5. For a long time at SPU students were forbidden from drinking, even after you turned 21 and the law said you could. So about two days before graduation, the night before the Ivy Cutting Ceremony, Jordan and many of his friends, threw huge parties. I remember going to two parties I think. The next morning I was wrecked but had to get ready for the ceremony which started at 9:30am. I can’t recall what time we had to be there, but it was early. I showered, brushed my teeth at least twice then headed out to attempt to stand for over an hour in heels. Both my mom and aunt could smell the alcohol as it seeped from my pores. Very classy indeed.

So there you have it, the top five times I’ve been inebriated.

Once the books are finished I’ll let you all know, because I’m sure you all are just dying from the anticipation!

My Fellow Writers

I call myself a writer, because I write fictional stories, memoir, and blog.  I’m not paid for it, but I hope to be some day. Writing is my passion, it’s how I process life.  I always feel so much better after I write something, almost anything.  I’m convinced someday I will find my calling and my writing will be more than a passing fancy or hobby.  When I’m not writing like a mad woman, I scour the internet, books, and any other resource I can get my hands on to find that ever elusive outlet for my writing.  In most of my internet scouring I’ve found the vast amounts of writers a bit intimidating.  There are so many people out there trying to get published that it’s discouraging.  I got to thinking today about those people.   These people claim to be working on their writing, searching for an agent, or a publisher.  Their comments on forums and message boards are always long winded and haughty; full of what seems to be knowledge regarding the publishing world.  I wondered how much each of those people truly spend doing honest to God writing, or real research towards getting their work out there.

I’m sure many of them are doing well as writers, or editors, but with so many responses, some as simple as “I totally agree with what so-and-so said” it seems they just sit at their computer all day ready to argue, agree or start a fight.  Maybe it’s their “break time” when they allow themselves to spend time on silly writers websites.

Don’t get your panties in a twist now.  I know there a great many excellent writers websites out there.  I visit some from time to time, but on the whole, many of those websites tell you what you already know.  Writing is a difficult career.  It’s nearly impossible to get published.  Even if you’re one of the most brilliant writers on the scene since Joyce, Hemingway or insert your favorite author name here, it’s still all too difficult to get published.  It’s obvious in the amounts self publishing sites.  The truth is as long as you’re willing to put in a few bucks you can get your book published.  It doesn’t even have to be good. You don’t even have to edit it!  You can publish any piece of shit you happen to type out on any given day.  I believe that it’s because of this that so many doors are being closed on decent writers.  No one wants to take a chance on an unknown writer because of all the market saturation that’s going on.

Maybe I’m the one that’s delusional and I can’t see the flaws in my own writing.  Perhaps I missed my true calling or perhaps I don’t really have one and I just am.  That’s a depressing thought considering how long I’ve been writing.  Oh well, at least I know there’s always self publishing.