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Paper & A Mascot

You know what’s really funny is that before I started this blog I was already writing it. What I was doing was writing a post and instead of putting it up on the internets I was printing it out, making copies, putting them in coffee shops and mailing them off to friends. I even had my talented artist friend Harmony make me an adorable little mascot.

I’m going to call him Reginald, doesn’t he look like a Reginald? MAN! He’s so freaking CUTE!

He’s a Kangaroo Rat that’s all wet and sopping… cause he hangs out in Seattle… cause he moved there for… college. ANYway, I thought he was awesome and even put him on a t-shirt that I wore one time. I only wore it once cause it was after I started the blog and I was trying to get readers so I put the website on the t-shirt too, but then I felt like a tool wearing it cause it was my own website. Maybe if I had made a button instead, I love buttons. I could make mugs. Holy crap! I could do so much with him! I can see it now, it starts with buttons and mugs, then bookmarks, notebooks, stickers! The possibilities are endless! But then I’d be the tool with all my own paraphernalia. Maybe if I started a store online and sold that stuff. You all would buy something right? Then I wouldn’t be a total tool box.

Where was I going with this? Oh right, so I came across little Reginald here (seriously, don’t call him Reggie) while I was going through some old writing files. I have a bunch of old writing that I hang on to. It’s seriously the only thing I’m a total pack rat about, because a creative writing teacher once told me never ever to throw away any of your writing, even if you read it and it’s the most embarrassing thing ever. And boy do I have some embarrassing things, I was writing all through High School so I’ve got some real winners, but I will never throw them out. Even though they are ridiculously embarrassing, like your parents finding porn under your bed embarrassing. Which happened to me once, kind of. Wait, what was I saying?

Right, so old stories; I threw out one of my stories once. I thought it was the worst thing I’d ever written so I tore it out of my notebook and threw it away. Now I can’t even remember what made it so terrible and that drives me batty. Because who knows where inspiration is going to come from?! Maybe one day years from now I’ll be reading one of my terrible poems and it’ll inspire me to write something not terrible. Maybe I’ll write something amazing that will, in turn inspire several other people. You just never know, so I keep everything that I write. Then when I want to write something, but I’m feeling blocked I can go back and read what I’ve written in the past. That’s how I started writing Jude & the Zombies. I had been trying to write a decent zombie story for awhile and nothing was coming. So in addition to reading lots of zombie books, I read my own writing that I’d done. And poof, a story eventually bloomed and felt right.

I’m off on a tangent again. So I found Reginald in this file of stuff. I have files from when I was “publishing” this blog on paper. I was meticulous. I made a precise amount of copies and distributed them to a couple coffee shops and mailed some to “subscribers.” Looking back I feel sort of like an idiot. Why would I waste money and resources on something that very few people were reading? The owner of one of the coffee shops I was bringing them to said that a lot of people were reading them, but wouldn’t take them home. They would read it while they had a coffee then put it back. Which was nice. I’m glad they were reading it, but what was the point of making so many copies that weren’t being taken. It was silly. But I did it for ten weeks before Jordan asked me to stop wasting our money on Kinkos and stamps.

I think I was a little scared about starting a blog, because I had a couple already that no one read, so why would I start another one? I believe it was Jordan who pointed out that this blog would have a purpose. It had a theme, it wasn’t just a mishmash internal monologue that my first blog was, or a sporadically updated blog about being a starving writer that no one cared about. This was an actual thing.

I like to think that I haven’t strayed too far from the main topic of this blog. Overall it’s about me, my life, which I suppose would be interesting to some. I’m astounded that people read it and even equally astounded when a random person comes along and reads it. When they like a post, when they leave a comment, it’s amazing! I’m surprised by the community that exists with blogging. These other bloggers aren’t people I feel I’m competing with they’re fellow writers, and geeks. They’re friends and supporters. I look forward to reading their posts and laughing out loud at their wit.

Turning a bit sappy in here. I’m just glad that Jordan convinced me to start another blog, because even if the journey has been long and sometimes hard, it’s also been so rewarding. So thank you. Thank you all my readers! I love you. I really do.