What you’ve stumbled upon is the desperate attempt of an unknown writer to finally be a writer who is read. This blog is not out to solve world hunger, bring peace or even save the whales. The title really gives away what it’s all about, my reflections. Basically a long winded free write for all to read! Sometimes it may be serious and contemplative, other times it could be funny. But then it may just be funny to me, we’ll have to see.

Here is the beginning of my story. I grew up in the sunny Coachella Valley of California. That’s right, the same valley in which that Coachella concert is held. I’ve never been. Coachella Fest, or whatever it’s called, didn’t start until I was a senior in high school and by that time, my parents wouldn’t let me hang out with the friends that happened to be going…that’s a long story, and a tangent, let’s get back on track.

So I lived in the CoachellaValley for 18 years. Soaking up sun, growing up and generally living, until I thought I hated it so much I would explode. So I went very far away for college. I’ve lived in Seattle for eight years now. I truly love this place, but on my last visit home I found the valley very difficult to leave. I’m not sure what it was, the 80 degree weather, the fact that I didn’t have to work for five days or seeing some old friends doing awesome out there in the middle of nowhere; probably a combination. That’s when my reflections were born. My sister and I flew back to Seattle, to the cold, rainy weather and to working the following day. I started thinking too much and then writing it down, as many writers do. It was then I realized, like much of my writing before, these reflections had no home. But I so wanted to share them.

So here is my attempt at a real blog. Hope you enjoy it, if not, well…don’t read it.

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  2. I just popped in to say that I’ve nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award. You can find out the details by following this link


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