Book Review Grief Sucks…But Love Bears All Things: How Grief Tore Me Apart And Put Me Back Together

Disclaimer: Every person is different in what they find to be helpful, spiritual, humorous and comforting, which is why I include a section for general thoughts to clarify exactly what I liked and disliked about the book. This is simply meant to be a guide in helping you find the book that best suits your individual needs as a newly widowed person. I wish you peace on this difficult journey.

Title: Grief Sucks…But Love Bears All Things: How Grief Tore Me Apart And Put Me Back Together

Author(s): Gayle Taylor Davis

Publishing Info: Quill Driver Books, Fresno, CA 2014

Helpful Meter 1-5 (1 being not at all helpful, 5 being very helpful) 3

Spiritual Meter 1-5 (1 being not spiritual, 5 being very spiritual) 5

Humor Meter 1-5 (1 being not humorous at all, 5 being very humorous) 1

Comfort Meter 1-5 (1 being not comforting, 5 being very comforting) 4

Staci’s Recommendation (1 being pass on this, 5 being read this today) 3

General thoughts and feelings on the book:

I really liked this book, however, it is not a self help book. It will not help guide you through this tumultuous time, nor does it offer any advice on dealing with grief. It is one woman’s experience with the death of her husband.

What I liked about this book is the open, honest and raw emotions. I imagine it could be helpful for some people to realize they are not alone in feeling like a completely insane person, which seems to be very common among widows. But I can also see it going the opposite way and bringing someone down too far. The author is a very talented writer and includes a lot of her own beautiful poetry.

It’s very obvious that the author is a Christian, however she wasn’t a “ram it down your throat” type. She merely spoke of her faith as the driving healing factor in her grief journey.

The comfort rating is higher because, as I said before, many people may find it comforting to know they not insane but are, in fact perfectly normal. Grief can do a number on your emotional stability. Knowing it’s common might be comforting.

Overall it was a beautiful and heart wrenching book to read. I found myself tearing up quite a bit. It’s only about 85 pages long so it is a quick read. If you’re feeling crazy and alone this could be a good book for you. But keep in mind that it is full of raw emotion.


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