Dressember: Reflections

Each morning I wake up and stare at the dresses in my closet. It takes effort for me to get dressed this month. It takes more than a fleeting moment of throwing on jeans and a t-shirt. Some mornings I would silently wonder why I chose to do this. I wondered why, during this unusually cold December in Seattle, I chose to wear an article of clothing that provides so little warmth for an entire month. I wonder what my fellow Dressember participants will be wearing; envying those that are in warmer climes. I start to complain to myself about not having enough fleece lined leggings, or sassy boots. I wonder about doing my hair and makeup (note, I never do). I wonder if I should go to Goodwill or Value Village and search for some cute boots to pair with my cute dresses.

I’ve felt exasperated once or twice. I’ve felt insecure more than once, wearing these dresses that I never ever wear. I wonder if people will wonder if I’m just trying too hard to be cute. Not many folks know what Dressember is, so when they see me I wonder what they’ll think. Then I remind myself they probably don’t even notice and if they do they probably don’t give it a second thought. Some chick wearing a dress, it’s not a freaking anomaly.

I was staring into my closet on Wednesday trying to decide if one of my Modcloth dresses was going to be too much for the day. I stood there and started to get annoyed, I was running out of ideas. I was running out of cute stuff to wear. I was going to have to start re-styling dresses I’ve already styled. Suddenly I thought to myself, “Is this really a problem? Is this really something you’re complaining about? THINK! Think about WHY you decided to wear dresses throughout December.” And then I felt ashamed of myself. I get to wake up every day and enjoy the freedom of deciding what to wear, where I go, what I eat, who I give my love to. I get freedoms that so, so many people do not. That’s what this challenge is about. It’s about rescuing those in slavery. It’s about giving them those same freedoms. It’s not about being cute for a month. That really snapped me out of this complaining I’ve been doing lately.

If these are things I’ve been worrying about/complaining about/overthinking then I am one lucky gal. Because I have the freedom to have stupid ass concerns, like the ones I’ve been obsessing over. So I’m doing my best to meet a personal goal. Stop. Complaining. Your life is amazing. You are lucky. You are loved. You are safe. There are so many people who can’t say the same thing.

If you would like to donate (any amount) please visit my page! https://www.ijmfreedommaker.org/campaign/1849/Dressember-for-IJM/

All donations go directly to IJM and count toward the overall goal of $100,000. Just an fyi, we hit our original goal of $25,000 on the 4th day of the campaign. That’s all you guys! With your help we can make the seemingly astronomical goal of $100,000 happen!



4 responses to “Dressember: Reflections

  1. I totally understand: by day 3, I was cranky about getting dressed but by day 5 I was having fun with it. With 7 dresses, I’ve worn each almost twice:) And, I did buy 2 new pairs of leggings. Otherwise, I’ve had these dresses for years, with two of them being hand-me-downs.

    You are cute no matter what you wear. Thank you for inspiring me, and consequently my two friends named Betsy! You’re an exponential change maker.

    • Thanks Holli! I’ve ended up having fun with it too. It was hard for a bit, but I’m glad I finally told myself to shut up and get dressed. πŸ™‚

      I honestly wouldn’t have guessed that you only have 7 dresses! You’ve looked adorable every day! Well done!

  2. I think it is awesome you’re doing this challenge! And the fact that it did make you think and reflect on your life and the many blessings you have even further serves its good purposes. So yay! A win win πŸ™‚ And as always, you look FAB and you have awesome fun dresses, so you’re just looking extra good this month πŸ™‚

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