Dressember & 50 Followers

I got a notification from WordPress today that I now have 50 followers! That is the most followers I’ve ever had, so thank you everyone! It was a pleasant surprise during a time that is usually pretty hard for me so the pick me up was a most welcome one.

This December I took the challenge to wear a dress every day to help raise awareness of human trafficking around the world. I’ve partnered with IJM to raise funds (https://www.ijmfreedommaker.org/campaign/1849/Dressember-for-IJM/).

It has been a challenge. This December has been very cold so I’ve been very cold too. But at the same time I’m finding it’s sort of fun to put actual thought into what I’m wearing aside from the ‘which jeans have the smallest holes’ thought. It’s been fun! As promised here are some pictures of my dresses. I only missed one day (day 2) cause I just couldn’t bring myself to take one of those mirror selfies, but I managed to swallow my pride and have been taking them since. Without further ado here are my dresses so far.


Sunday's Dress

Sunday’s Dress

Tuesday's Dress

Tuesday’s Dress

Wednesday's Dress

Wednesday’s Dress

Thursday's Dress

Thursday’s Dress


















I don’t have a picture of today’s dress yet. Sorry! 🙂 Have a great weekend!


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