My Love for Archie

I grew up in the desert. You would think that since the desert is sooo boring to live in they would have myriad of crap for kids and teens to do. Well not so (at least when I was there, maybe that’s changed. I mean Josh and I did manage to dig up a comic shop in the desert once). I grew up without a comic shop. I’m sure this is true of many people. I read the letters at the back of the comics I purchase now and a lot of people mention finding them through mail order or Amazon or something like that. For me though, if I didn’t have a comic shop I don’t think I would even know what to get. Aside from my bff Cassie, most of the stuff I read cam from my comic shop guy recommending them. I could probably go on for this entire post touting the amazing awesomeness of Gabe and Dreamstrands Comics & Such but I won’t. Because this post is about Archie.

Archie Double Digests were pretty much the only comics I read, until college when I moved to Seattle and discovered a whole new world. The great thing about Archie was they were sold at the grocery store. They didn’t require any knowledge of a story that had been going for awhile. It was all episodic and an easy quick read. I only had a handful, but I read them over and over again until the pages started to fall out.

The great thing about Archie is that he’s genuinely a good guy. Even though he has two girls chasing him his entire life, which could lead to a huge ego problem, he still manages to stay sweet. He can be a bit dense sometimes, but I think that’s true of many men, a little on the clueless side.

I guess it didn’t really click in my head that Archie was also a thing at comic shops. Should have been a no brainer but it was not. Archie had always been a grocery store impulse buy for me. I finally noticed Archie again when I started my subscription at Dreamstrands. I got a big preview book to look through, which was awesome on it’s own, but took on a whole new level of amazing when I saw aaallll the Archie stuff. On top of there being this ongoing soap opera in Life with Archie, there is also Afterlife with Archie. Zombies and Archie…BRILLIANT!! There’s this whole world of Archie I haven’t yet discovered and I’m so freaking excited to read it all.

On my last trip to Dreamstrands I was introduced to Archie The Married Life. It tells two different stories, one where Archie marries Veronica and one where he marries Betty. I’ve always been more of a fan of Betty myself. I seriously don’t want to put it down! It’s so cool to see these characters I grew up with growing up too; getting into the real world, dealing with life with it’s many twists and turns. In fact I have to stop writing right now so I can go read more before my kid wakes up.


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