Walk Down Memory Lane

Yesterday as I walked to my friend’s house to play Dungeons & Dragons I started having these little flashbacks. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining but it wasn’t hot. The crisp feel of fall was moving in and the air was so fragrant. I was feeling a bit contemplative already so as I inhaled the scents around me I started to lose myself in a million memories.

An adorable home tucked back from the road surrounded by fragrant flowers and a large pine tree reminded me of my grandparent’s old home in Newberg. I thought of riding bikes with my sister in the church parking lot, walking to the playground close by, gutting fish in the garage with grandpa and dad.

A chimney belching wood smoke reminded me of countless camping trips. Some from recent years and some from years ago. I could actually hear the quiet calm of the forest after all the campers have gone to sleep.

The smell of green grass on a soccer field, the air cooling and the distant, echoing sound of clapping after a goal is scored reminded me of watching my sister’s soccer practices at Demuth Park.

As I approached my friend’s home I thought of all the new memories I make every day. Each day provides an opportunity to build something new with Jack. I wonder what smells will trigger his memories and I can only hope that they are mostly good ones.


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