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Kickstarter Will Bankrupt Me

Remember last year when I wrote about Artifice? I mentioned briefly the author, Alex Woolfson’s,  next project The Young Protectors. Well I’ve been reading it faithfully since that time.

Again, Mr. Woolfson has come up with a wonderful, engaging story. It’s got superhero action and humor. Again he’s found some very talented artists to work with, Adam DeKraker and Veronica Gandini.

It’s been a fantastic read so far and I look forward to updates on Saturdays and bonus pages on Wednesdays.

He’s doing a Kickstarter for this project of his and I just wanted to get the word out about it! It is a really great story, go check it out and if you love it you can help fund the project. Here’s a link:

I can also say with some confidence that Alex Woolfson is a swell fellow. He came to ECCC this year. I got a chance to meet him, chat with him a bit and he signed my copy of Artifice. An all around genuine, nice guy.

Happy Memorial Day folks!

Self Confidence

Way back in January I posted about a Tumblr blog that poked fun at the “Nice Guys” of OkCupid. Most of these fellas were upset because they were investing so much time and money in ladies who were not interested in what was in their pants. All these guys were being “friend zoned” and they were mad that about it. Many of them also mentioned the fact that many ladies say they are looking for nice guys but only date jerks. Being a lady who has been attracted to jerks more than once in her life, I can understand their frustration (although my understanding doesn’t make them any less jerky for expecting sex in exchange for kindness).

That got me thinking, what exactly attracts so many ladies to “bad boys?” I think it’s their confidence. They value themselves as a person and think that they matter. Because they believe it, so do many women. Of course there is a fine line between confidence and arrogance. Now that I am older I like to think I have an easier time distinguishing between the two. So when I talk about confidence what I mean is being comfortable in your own skin, not being ashamed of what you love or dislike, that sort of thing. I’m not talking about someone who thinks they crap gold and can do no wrong.

The problem with so many of these “nice” guys is that they try too hard. They aren’t comfortable with who they are and a lot of them think that a woman will make them complete. That’s not attractive; at least I don’t find it attractive. I don’t want to complete someone, I want to compliment them. I can’t be someone’s world because that’s just waaay too much responsibility. That’s why I think these guys can’t find anyone. They’re putting these ladies on a pedestal and are shocked when they fall down. They’re just people guys, not goddesses.

Of course all of this can be turned around on the ladies too. I’ve heard my fair share of ladies wondering why all men like bitches. There’s even a book I haven’t read all about that very thing.

Again, I think it all comes down to confidence. These women that are called bitches, maybe they’re not. Maybe they just believe that they are worth a damn and should be respected. What’s so bitchy about that?

Whether you’re a man or a woman, if you constantly find yourself being “friend zoned” or overlooked for someone you view as a bitch or a bad boy, maybe you should take a look at how you view yourself. Do you think you’re worth dating, aside from the fact that you’re nice? Do you value yourself? Do you think that you’re opinions matter and that you deserve respect (respect, not sex just because you’ve been nice)? If you can’t honestly answer those questions with a “Hell yeah! I’m awesome!” then maybe you should work on loving yourself before you expect anyone else to.

Something Like a Book Review

Last week I finished reading a book called Unwind by Neal Shusterman. The story starts with Connor, a somewhat troubled youth who just found out his parents are going to have him unwound. What is unwinding you might ask? Basically a child is taken apart bit by bit. Every single part of that child is used for those in need of transplants, new limbs etc, but said child does not die. The child’s consciousness is still there, in all the pieces that are taken there is still a bit of that child in those pieces. How could such a practice come about? From the Heartland War, a war between pro life and pro choice supporters. A compromise was reached in unwinding. Abortion was made illegal, however after 13 years a parent can choose to have their child unwound for almost any reason. It’s problematic because 13 is the age when many kids start to get snarky and annoying.

To add another level to the book is the concept of tithing. It’s the same as tithing 10% of all you own, only with your children. So a child is born and told from a very young age that they will be tithed and that it’s a good thing, they are holy and somehow more special then regular children. They are also told that they are totally different from regular “unwinds” and by different they mean better.

This book was an amazing read. It was challenging without being preachy and I found it hard to tell if the author was pro life or pro choice. I mention that only because in a book of this nature, where a commentary on society and beliefs are being made, it would be really easy to fall into the trap of propaganda and the book didn’t read that way at all. There were times I found myself thinking “Of course Mr. Shusterman is pro choice,” but then a few paragraphs later I would second guess that assumption.

Unwind By: Neal Shusterman

Unwind By: Neal Shusterman

The pace of the story is excellent. It’s a tale of survival and hiding which could be very boring in places. The story is told from the point of view of three major characters. Occasionally another character or group of characters will get a chapter or two, but the three main characters Connor, Risa and Lev are the narrators the majority of the time. I think that helped a lot with keeping the pace moving forward. When the action started to lag with one character their chapter would end and another would begin. Writing the chapters this way also let us delve deep into each character.

The characters in this book were so well developed, by the end of the book I felt like I’d made new friends. Connor, Risa and Lev all change dramatically in the book. By the end they are completely different from the people they were at the beginning of the story. The changes come gradually and make sense because Mr. Shusterman shows us their journey. We see the choices they have to make and we understand their thought process. It’s not as if the characters change overnight, which can be a problem with a lot of books.

Overall this book has become one of my favorites. It’s one I’d like to put on my shelf and read over and over. I think you’d find something new and compelling in it every time. It really challenged me and I like that.

In a time when abortion, rape culture and women’s rights are on the tip of everyone’s tongues, this book fits right in. But I can’t decide if it takes any sort of real stand. Maybe that’s what makes it such a fantastic book. Both ideas are represented and each person can take from that what they will.

Sun Worshipers

The sun has been out a lot this week. So instead of actually working on a post and I decided to turn off my brain and fry it in the sun for a bit. It’s been nice. Jack and I are total sun worshipers  even though it’s burned me to a crisp once or twice. That’s why we are sun worshipers of the sunscreen denomination. Enough boring prattle, more reading in the sun.

Only As Old As You Feel

(Here’s a little mini post since I missed last Friday.)

There are a few things that tend to make me feel a little bit old. One is seeing my favorite shows popping up on Nick at Nite. Nick at Nite is supposed to be full of stuff like Bewitched and Dick Van Dyke, not The Wonder Years and Full House! The other thing that makes me start feeling like a grown up is the concerts at casinos.

There was a time when casino concerts were for my parents. There were performers like Earth, Wind and Fire, and Three Dog Night. Bands I had heard of because my parents listened to them. However, today as I drove home from my sister in laws wedding weekend I heard an ad on the radio for Gin Blossoms. I love Gin Blossoms…they’re performing at a casino in Washington in June…and I sort of want to go. Now I know I’m a “real grown up.” I wonder when I’ll start to feel like one.

Have a Coffee

No post today, because my head is hazy from this weird cold/allergy/sinus thing in my brain. Since there’s not post here is a picture of me with my new hair color and my early Mother’s Day present to myself.


Coffee mug from the Diesel Sweeties Store.