Creative Energy

I have spent most of my creative energy this week on drawing and thinking about blog posts. But alas I can’t seem to get out any more than a couple sentences. Here are some examples of the sentences I’ve come up with that have not blossomed into actual blog post.

Deadpool is awesome. I love him and his snarky snarkiness.

Why would someone “troll” their friends? Trolling is annoying.

Oh man, Fox is such a dick! I can’t believe they’re claiming the Jayne hat after years, YEARS!

I sure like my dragon claw ring.

I wonder if I could turn Jude & the Zombies into a webcomic by myself…probably not. 

Jurassic Park 3D was pretty wicked awesome!

Hold crap, manga hands are HUGE!!

So yeah, I don’t have a post, sorry. I have no excuses. Except that I’m lazy. 


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