Good Reasons

I’ve got good reasons why there’s not blog post this week.

1. I’ve been drawing chibis all week and sweet sassafras, they are adorable.

2. I watched a few episodes of Naruto with some friends last night. Then I watched season 3 of Archer til it was well past time to turn off the telly. I managed to limit myself to the first three episodes. But then I went to bed and read a comic until 1am.

3. Mario Kart Wii has to be raced by someone right? Actually I haven’t been the one racing, it was my sister. Like I said I was busy drawing chibis.

4. I’ve been contemplating lots of different comic ideas. They’re not long ongoing stories, more like one shot quickies. (Heh)

5. I am lazy and have a hard time with time management so something always suffers. It’s too bad it’s my writing, it hasn’t suffered like this in a long while. Ah well, at least I’ve got my cute chibis.


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