Worst Kids Shows

I think most people have heard me complain about children’s programming at one time or another. So I decided to compile a top five list, because I like top five lists. So here it is! My top five most hated children’s shows!

1. Wonder Pets

I want to punch these animals in their throats.

I want to punch these animals in their throats.

Alright, so I get that this show is like “Yay! Teamwork!” But really? It’s like an opera, they sing everything, and that duck! She can’t say her r’s properly and it just makes me cringe every time she says her stupid tagline “This is serious!” Ugh, for real, I wanna punch them all. Every time Jack wants to watch this I HAVE to be doing something else. I can’t even sit on the couch and ignore it. I have to be in another room. I’ve got problems with this show.

2. Caillou

One of the blogs I follow did a great post on this show, so I’ll just link to his commentary. It’s pretty much exactly how I feel about this show. Read his post here.

3. The Wheels on the Bus

Ummmm, what is going on?

Ummmm, what is going on?

Yeah, so this a thing. It popped up on Netflix one day and Jack wanted to watch it. I don’t like it because it’s just weird. There are puppets and singing and bad CGI buses. It’s just…weird. Then, on long car rides, Jack asks me to sing all the different verses they do on this stupid show and I don’t know them all because they make stuff up like “The chickens on the bus go cluck, cluck, cluck.” Why are there chickens on the damn bus?! Since I don’t know all the made up crap they put on this show he gets a little testy and then we have to watch it again. You know to kill my soul refresh my memory.

4. Fireman Sam

0783_sam_newimage2Ok, so this show really isn’t so bad. It’s easy to tune out, and the theme song isn’t that terrible. But the kids on this show are so annoying. They make stupid choices, like putting a mother’s scarf in the oven to dry it. Really?! And their voices drive me absolutely batty. Also, it irritates me that one of the firefighters is pretty dumb. I know he’s supposed to be there for comic relief, but come on. He’s really stupid, how did he even get to be a fireman?

5. Bob the Builder

Can we fix it?!

Can we fix it?!

This show has grown on me. But there are still two things that irritate me about this show. The first being that Lofty is a huge wuss. Every time Bob asks the team if they can fix something everyone yells “Yes we can!” all confident and stuff. Then there’s Lofty who says “Uhh, yeah, I think so.” Nearly every time. Come on Lofty grow a pair!

The second thing that irks me about Bob the Builder is that anytime someone makes a mistake Bob (or whoever finds out the mistake) says “Ohhh, it’s ok.” I hate that, because it’s not ok! If you break something you gotta fix it and sometimes saying “I’m sorry” isn’t enough. It annoys me that Bob will fix whatever goes wrong because his machines are being irresponsible. At least on Thomas the Train when a train makes a mistake he’s expected to fix it so he can be really useful again. It’s for that reason that Thomas is not on this list, even though it can get pretty grating as well.

I know there’s more out there, more shows that make you cringe every time your child asks to watch television. Go ahead and vent in the comments! What are your least favorite kids shows?


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  1. this is sewious!

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