Chop, Chop

This week was sort of stressful. After spending a weekend at my parents house I returned with a son vomiting in the night. I wasn’t sure what it was and I was stressed out about it because I had lots to do this week. Luckily turns out he only threw up three times and was back to his normal self in the morning. He was eating and drinking fine, with no problems. But because I couldn’t be sure of what made him sick in the first place (virus, food poisoning) I had to skip my first D&D meet up. I was really bummed about it but would have felt worse exposing my friends to a possible virus. So I skipped it.

One thing I did not skip was a haircut. I haven’t cut my hair in three years. I’ve gotten trims here and there but nothing too drastic. I’v wanted to keep it long. That suddenly changed about a month ago. I started thinking about cute short hairstyles. My problem is I’m a total amateur when it comes to styling so it has to be fairly simple and easy. I finally decided on a hairstyle after a month of pondering.

On Wednesday I bit the bullet and chopped off my hair. I. Love. This. Hair. It looks like this:

"Have you seen a girls with hair like this?"

“Have you seen a girl with hair like this?”

I tried to style it today and it was pretty easy. The only problem with my hair is it all likes to flip funny. Meaning one side is flipped under towards my neck while the other side is flipping out away from my neck. So I need to get some styling stuff to make it all the flip the same. Anyways, the haircut was the most relaxing part of my week.

Honestly I don’t know that there’s anything better than getting your hair washed and cut by someone. So nice. And I have hott hair to boot!


4 responses to “Chop, Chop

  1. That is GREAT! You look so cute with short hair! 🙂 I am excited to see it!

  2. you do have hott hair. I heard Jack confirm. 😉

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