My Excuse This Week…

Blogging is hard this week. I actually sat down and tried to write something thought provoking, but…it didn’t go well. Believe me you don’t want to read the shite I came up with. So let me work on it next week, which should be a bit more normal than the last few and get back to you.

In the meantime here are some lovely pictures!

Best Doctor ever. Seriously, I wanna marry him and make little time lord babies.

Ahhh, Torchwood. If you don’t watch it you should. I wept like a child at the end of Season 3. Jack & Ianto are my favorite.

I made this for Jack’s Halloween costume this year. He’s going to be Toadstool and I’ll be Mario.

Yes, I’m going to be Mario, not Princess. I don’t need to be rescued, thank you very much!





2 responses to “My Excuse This Week…

  1. You can still be a princess and be bad ass. Look at Zelda (okay, at times she does suck, but she turns into Sheik and kicks butt. 🙂

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