A Rant: Drive Slow!!!!!!

Once a week (or so) I go to my friends house in Greenlake to watch Game of Thrones & True Blood. In their surrounding neighborhood there are signs that just bug me every time I see them. They say something like this: Drive Slow! Your friends and neighbors bike and walk here!

I. Hate. This. Sign. I also really dislike the folks who “walk and bike” in that area.  What the sign should actually say is “Drive Slow! Your friends and neighbors don’t pay attention to what the fuck is going on!” Seriously, it’s not just the responsibility of those behind the wheel to watch out. I’ve lost count of the times I’ve stopped for pedestrians or bikers in that neighborhood that don’t even look before they cross only to have them mosey across the street like I’m not even there. I don’t get a wave or a smile and I have to sit there forever while I wait for them to slowly walk by. Don’t even get me started on “diagonal crossers.”

I don’t mind driving slowly in a neighborhood. I get peeved when I see folks flying down my street at 40 miles an hours, it’s dangerous. However, when I walk in my neighborhood, I keep my son close. I teach him the road is dangerous, it’s a place for cars and when we cross the street, even if there is no one waiting for us to cross, we cross quickly. Because it’s polite, it’s common decency, and we’re less likely to be hit by a car and die.

One evening my sister and I were driving to my friends house, so we had to drive through the “Drive Slow!” area. We slowed down and stopped at a Yield sign because we noticed a biker was coming to cross in front of us.  We stopped and yielded to the biker, who slowly peddled past, scowled at us and pointed to the yield sign. I was a bit puzzled by her actions since we’d been going about 25 miles an hour, and come to a complete stop at the yield sign in order to allow her to cross in front of us. This is what I hate about this city, that elitist feeling about EVERYTHING! (Ooooo I eat organic only! Oooo I knew about that band before they were popular! Ooooo I bike or walk every where! It makes me want to punch people.)

If people could walk and bike in that neighborhood and not be so douchy about it I might not hate that sign as much as I do.


2 responses to “A Rant: Drive Slow!!!!!!

  1. I had an altercation with a diagonal crosser this evening, and then, still all worked up about it, came home and googled “diagonal crossers” and this post came up. I’m so glad that that term is a thing and I’m not just crazy. Normally I’m annoyed, but patient with diagonal crossers, but this girl tonight did a straight diagonal cross for about 75% of the trip, and then she widened her angle by another 45 degrees, practically walking down the center of the lane that I was trying to turn left into. I finally gave her a slight honk, at which point she stopped in her tracks, slowly turned around to face me, and proceeded to give me the finger for another 10-15 seconds, while I tried to motion with my arms that she was crossing diagonally and that it was not OK to be taking that much time to cross the street while texting. Thank you for letting me vent!

    • Hi Andrew, that sounds absolutely infuriating! I hate when people are so inconsiderate, there is a person waiting for you to get your ass across ya know!

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