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Repost of Oasis: Thanks for the Memories

I’m in Puerto Vallarta at the moment, so I’m reposting one of my favorite blogs from the ancient times. Now complete with pictures! Woo! (Originally posted on Feb. 25, 2009)

I’m writing about Oasis Water Park this week, because I mentioned it in my last blog entry. That small mention of a relatively small place stirred up a lot of memories for me.  There were many great things about Oasis.

The logo back when Oasis was great!

The first being that tickets for locals were only $8. This was really nice especially since you had to pay for parking in a city were pay lots were few and far between.  There was perhaps one other pay lot in the city that I remember, and every time I went to use it, it was open to the public anyway.

The other really great thing about Oasis was that it was desert themed.  Makes sense seeing as how it was in the middle of the desert, about two hours away from anything of consequence.  The rides all had wicked names like The Scorpion, Roadrunner, Black Widow, Sidewinder and Centipede. Roadrunner, Sidewinder and Centipede were the slides I frequented the most. Mostly because my sister was terrified of going on any of the others.  The Sidewinder and Centipede were tube slides.  So you grabbed a tube from anywhere waited in line and rode, in a tube, down the slide.  They were a little bit slower and when you hit the water at the bottom you only went under if you tried to flip your tube.

The Roadrunner was right next to the Centipede. It was an enclosed narrow tube and it went really fast.  I’m not one for nose plugging, but I had to hold my nose the entire way down this slide.  The water around your body shoots so violently towards your face it inevitability makes it up your nose no matter what you do. The other thing about this slide is the moment you pushed yourself in the tube you had a perpetual wedgie.  The only solution was to grin and bear it, until you hit the pool at the bottom.  Then you could stealthily remove the wadded swim suit from your rectum.

My friends and I finally convinced my sister to go on the Black Widow.  This was a newer slide, my sister is not one for new things, but it was a double tube ride and I promised I would go down with her. I didn’t bother to tell her that it was pitch black in the tube as you went down and didn’t get light again until the very end.  I knew she wouldn’t walk all the way back down through the line when she saw how dark it was in the tunnel, because that would be embarrassing and if there’s one thing she hates more than change it’s embarrassment. So we got her to go on the ride and she liked it…a lot.  For the rest of the day she wanted to wait in line for the Black Widow.  Since it was so new the line was longer than most.  I think we all took turns riding with her so we could go enjoy other slides.

The most terrifying slide in all the park was The Scorpion.  It was an unenclosed, straight down drop of about 7 stories.  I believe I went on that one twice in my entire life. The first time I went on it I didn’t weigh quite enough and lifted off the slide for a good portion of it.  I don’t know why I ever tried it again.  Probably to impress some guy.

There was one other really tall slide at the park that I can’t recall the name of.  For a long time it was an enclosed tube with two big drops instead of one like the Scorpion.  You didn’t use a tube, then it changed.  It was unenclosed, and required a three person tube.  It was less scary when it changed, but you also didn’t bang up your back when you hit the second drop.

In addition to the slides there was a wave pool, the lazy river, the kids play area and a few small kiddie slides. There were private cabana’s, that as a teenagers we never used of course. The lifeguards were all students from the surrounding high schools and the music playing over the speakers was always from the radio.  It truly was a wonderful place to be.

The evil empire moved in and stole my childhood!

Then the worst thing ever happened. Oasis was bought by Knott’s Berry Farm. They changed the theme of the park to a beach theme, which made no sense since the closest beach was about three hours away.  The music changed to a looped CD of the Beach Boys.  If you were at the park for two hours the likelihood that you’d hear the same song at least five times was very good. Worst of all they took away the local discount.  By this point my friends and I were all considered adults.  So we had to pay to park and pay about $30 to get inside.  It became the biggest rip off ever.  They changed nothing about the park except the signs for the slides.  It was a sad, sad summer day when we tried to go with our $8 in hand and were told it was now $30.

But I suppose I’ll always have the memories.

A Real Post?

I’ve been wracking my brain about what to write this week. Honestly, I’ve got nothing. Not even a top five list, well I have one, but it’s sort of a sad one and I’m not feeling the melancholy today.

The truth is I’m going to Mexico in a few days and I’m having a hard time focusing. I’m also trying to figure out what to do for next Friday when I’m in Mexico.  I could repost one of my old posts, or post a short story. We’ll see what I come up with. If you’ve got an opinion let me know in the comments. Cause I like comments.

A Seven Year Old Runs Away

When I was a little kid I ran away from home once. We were still in the house I remember as our first home in the desert, so I couldn’t have been older than…seven or eight. I don’t remember the specifics but I think I was in trouble, so I was confined to my bedroom. I was really angry. I got out my prized Pink Panther notepad (so they would know I was very serious) and left a note. Something like “I ran away, goodbye! I’m never coming back!”

Mom was taking a nap and Dad was watching TV or maybe he wasn’t home. But I do remember that I had to sneak out of my room, go down the hall, past the living room (where my Dad would have been watching TV… maybe he was in the bathroom), go through the kitchen and out the back door. Then I crept down the side of the house where I found one of our small kitchen knives. I have no idea why it was out there, but there it was. I thought I should use it. I cut a small hole in my screen (I mean really small, I think my hand could have fit through it) so my parents would think I got out through the window, which was important to me for some reason.

After cutting a hole in my screen I opened our gate and was home free! I ran down the street happily. The neighbor kids were outside playing and started to run with me asking what I was doing.

“I’m running away!” I said proudly.

“Cool!” They said. They wanted to come too so we all kept running down the street together. What’s funny now is I can’t remember who was coming with me. I think a girl from across the street and maybe another boy. I can not for the life of me conjure up their names though.

About one minute later I stopped and really thought about what I was doing. I thought as hard a seven year old can. I thought of mommy and daddy and my little sister. Then in truly dramatic form I threw my arms in the air.

“I can’t do this!” I turned and sprinted home. I flew through the gate, and back door. I ran all the way down the hall and flung myself onto my napping mother. I was sobbing. She was groggy and confused. Looking back she probably had a migraine because the room was really dark.

“I’m so sorry.” I wailed, my head buried in her neck. “I ran away. I ran away!”

My mom smoothed my hair and told me it was alright.

“I couldn’t stay away. I came back.” I was still sobbing. “I cut my screen too. To get away.”

“That’s alright honey. We’ll get you a new one.” I cuddled close to my mother.

“Ok.” I sniffled. “Can it have a rainbow on it?”

And that’s the story of the one time I ran away from home.

First Impressions

I’ve just started my foray into online dating and so far…it’s weird. There’s a few things I don’t get about it.

The first being the whole “Rate People!” thing. I’ve been rated a few times, but every time (except one) the people rating me have never spoken to me. They’ve only looked at my profile. They don’t even message me, just rate me. That weirds me out a little.

I guess that’s really the only thing that’s weird to me. I’ve messaged a few men, but haven’t received a reply which is a little disappointing. Most everyone I’ve messaged is someone who “Replies selectively, or very selectively.” That probably has something to do with it.

I also don’t know the etiquette of messaging someone. Is it ok to just ignore them? (According to every guy I’ve messaged so far it is.) I feel bad if I just ignore someone, but there are some folks I look at and say “Umm, yeah no never.” So why lead them on?

I guess I’m just new to this whole thing. It’s only been a week. I suppose I’ll give it a little more time.

The Online Dating Scene

I’ve been thinking about online dating lately. I’ve been thinking maybe I’ll try it out. I tried it once about a year ago, but I used the Geek to Geek to website, which in theory sounds awesome! In practice not so much. I got lots of emails from men who reminded me a lot of my ex-boyfriend, and God knows I don’t want to date anyone remotely like him ever again. I also didn’t really participate in it. I didn’t look for guys, I just put my profile up and waited to see what would happen. I guess I thought my combination of hotness and geeky interests would bring the men flocking, but it did not.

So if I’m being honest I never really gave online dating the “good ol’ college try.” So I’m thinking now is the time.

You might wonder why now is the time. To put it simply I don’t get to go out and meet people in person very often. It seemed last fall/winter I was going out and meeting people all the time. With the arrival of summer getting out has gotten more challenging. Lots of my sitters have their own families and families get pretty busy during the summer.

Don’t get me wrong I’m not sitting at home like some sort of shut in. It’s just difficult to flirt with men while holding a three year old with crusty milk around his mouth. It’s especially difficult to find men to flirt with when all the places you can go with a three year usually cater to families, so all the men there are unavailable.

Thing is I’m getting really lonely. I have great friends that love me. I have an amazing family that supports me. I’ve actually stayed pretty busy this summer, with camping, play dates and pretty soon, heading south to Mexico. But something is missing and I’m not going to lie, that something is a man. It’s not as if I NEED a man. I’m not going to die of loneliness or anything. I can get along on my own just fine. It’s just that I WANT a man.

I want someone to be really excited about me. I want someone to bring me flowers and surprise me. I want someone to go out with and I want someone to stay in with. And in order to find that I have to date some folks. In order to date people I need to meet them and I’m not meeting any single folks hanging out with my married friends or at the freaking grocery store.

So right now this seems like a decent option. Am I nervous? Sure. But not any more nervous than I feel when I go to a party knowing only one person. You don’t need to worry. I’ll be cautious, I’ll use good judgement and I won’t meet anyone in person without telling at least five people where I’m going to be.

What do you think of online dating? Have you ever done it before? Any recommendations for sites? Have a strong opinion about it? Tell me! I *heart* comments.