The Facts of Life

1. My Wii is broken and I don’t know how to fix it.

2. My internet was broken for several days. I fixed that.

3. My car is broken and I can’t fix it. Not because I’m a lady and fixing cars is beyond me, it’s a stupid smart key and computer inside my car problem. So I have to take it to the fuckin’ dealer.

4. I went camping last week from Friday to Sunday and forgot about all of my broken stuff for awhile and it felt great. It was awesome to be away from the city, with people I love. It was also awesome to see my kid be entertained all weekend long with nothing but a few Cornhole bags and sticks from the forest.

Jack fishing in the forest. Photo taken by my lovely friend Cassie.

5. I found out that sometimes, I rock at Cornhole.

One time this weekend I got two cornholes in a row, cause I rock at this game (sometimes).


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