It’s Father’s Day

Today is Father’s Day. While I adore my father and father in law, I’ve come to dislike this day very much. I think it’s pretty obvious why I don’t like Father’s Day anymore. It’s because I miss this guy’s face so much.

How could you not miss that goofy face?

So while I love my dads and wish I could be one hundred percent happy on this day, I’m not sure that will ever be. Instead of focusing on that for this post though I’m going to talk about my daddy.

My daddy, sister and me on a Father’s Day many moons ago.

I feel bad for my dad sometimes. When I was little I was a pretty good girl, except for that time I “ran away,” but for the most part I listened to my parents and feared their wrath if I ever broke the rules. That all began to change once I hit Junior High. I started to push boundaries a little and by high school I was a full blown rebel. By some standards I wasn’t that bad at all, but by the standards I’d been raised by, I was pretty naughty.

The reason I feel bad for my dad is because he almost always was the bad guy. The punishments always came from him. Mom and him might have talked it over before dishing it out, but the words always came from his mouth. So we went through a rocky patch there for awhile.

Once I got older things got better and I saw the reason dad and I fought so much was because we are so much alike. When you put two stubborn people in opposite corners of a fight you’re likely to have a either a stand off or a huge fight. Dad and I had our fair share of huge fights, complete with shouting and slammed doors.

Even though there were fights, I knew deep down he loved me. Like I said in my Mother’s Day post the balance my parents executed was good. There wasn’t a ton of fighting and there were plenty of good times too. Even when I was a teenager, there are still times I had fun with my dad.  Like when we went to the Grand Canyon my senior year in high school. Mom & my sister are not a fan of heights, so it was me and my dad sitting on the wall looking down the canyon walls.

So to my wonderful daddy, happy Father’s day! I love you so much! Thanks for being an amazing and loving father!


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