Artifice, A Review

After going to Comicon I usually return with several business cards and a list of webcomics to check out. I was online one night trying to find a new webcomic that could keep my attention for more than a few minutes. I was reading one and not really feeling the whole vibe of the thing. So I started scrolling around looking at the ads and one caught my eye. It said “Smart Guy on Guy Sci-fi.” I stopped and stared at it for a second, daring myself to click on it. Finally I did, because after all, it said it was “smart” and the guy on the ad was cute so really how bad could it be?

It was called Artifice. It. Was. Awesome. I had my arrow poised over the close button just in case some noisy hard core porn popped onto my computer screen. But it was a webcomic (which is now being turned into a print comic thanks to Kickstarter!) and a very good one at that.

It was, in fact, smart and there was much, much more to the plot besides “hey these two hot guys do it and it’s wicked sexy.” That’s not to say there isn’t some sexual content. The writer, Alex Wolfson, says he rates himself as R to hard R. And Winona Nelson does an amazing job with the art. I adored the art in this story. It was so realistic, and I really prefer that style.

Another thing I loved is there’s a believable story behind each of the characters (Deacon & Jeff) and it also kept me on my toes. I read it in a matter of hours. I devoured it, I couldn’t get enough of those boys. From page one I was wondering what was going to happen next and that can be a difficult thing to achieve when writing stories.

I loved this webcomic so much I immediately went to Kickstarter and backed the project, mostly so I could get a copy of the print comic. I also started reading Alex Wolfson’s next project The Young Protectors, which I’m enjoying so far. (I’m in love Kyle’s hair, I wish it could be mine.)

So if you’re looking for a something little racy with a lot of substance and an interesting story line check out Artifice. I seriously can’t recommend it enough.


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