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Truths for this Week

Look how cheesy my title is, I love it.

I’ll be honest, I’ve really been struggling for a post this week. So I guarantee this post will be scattered, flying off in different directions, ending God knows where. My mind has been racing since I got home from California. I get these ideas for great posts, but when I sit down to write they all slip away.

Or I’ll start writing and it will get too deep; too personal for me to put on the internets. I’ve been…struggling with stuff lately. Lots of stuff that probably definitely has to do with being romantically alone, which makes me want to barf. Seriously, I’ve always been boy crazy. I appreciate the male of the species very much, but it’s never been such an issue for me. I don’t want to be alone, but who does? It’s not a terribly original feeling is it? (That’s not to say I’d settle for any Tom, Dick or Harry that came along, I’ve got standards…also I’m shallow.)

It’s gotten to the point now where I feel like I’m just waiting around for my life to happen. But if I actively try to find someone to date it’s as if I’m forcing it. A friend told me to be patient with myself, but I don’t know how without that feeling of waiting creeping up on me.

And excuse me? Wasn’t I patient all through college? Sure I longed for a boyfriend but did a great job of just letting shit go, since boys at SPU were impossible to date. I was patient and just as I was finally feeling like I could take on the world by myself, my soon to be hubby snapped into action.

I’ve also got this feeling of general restlessness, that was momentarily quenched thanks to my foray on the road. I guess I need to do something besides wait. Something more than being a mom and a writer.

I feel really tied down, what with a two year old in tow and family wanting me close. I like being close to my family, but it’s difficult to dream up an adventure while you have those voices in your head. It’s even hard to imagine doing the stuff Jordan and I were cooking up right before he died. I can’t imagine living on the road for a year, taking off to New York to write a novel, sailing around the world, even going to England next year for vacation seems crazy. Right now nothing seems possible for me. Which is fucking depressing.

I am an adventurous person, I want to experience the world. I want Jack to come along and see it too. I want to fucking DO something, FEEL something but I don’t know HOW to make it happen and it’s making me a crazy person.

So what do I do? What can I do that won’t bankrupt Jack’s college fund and force us to live in a box downtown?

Gorgeous Desert

Still on vacation. Having an amazing time. But I miss my son. I miss my sister. I miss my house. So I’m kind of looking forward to heading back up to Berkeley tomorrow. It has been refreshing though, I love returning to the desert. It will always feel like home.

Hiking along the creek in the Indian Canyons.

Water in the desert.

Dustin takes a whiskey break.

Terrorlocks put in my hair by Kerry.

Artifice, A Review

After going to Comicon I usually return with several business cards and a list of webcomics to check out. I was online one night trying to find a new webcomic that could keep my attention for more than a few minutes. I was reading one and not really feeling the whole vibe of the thing. So I started scrolling around looking at the ads and one caught my eye. It said “Smart Guy on Guy Sci-fi.” I stopped and stared at it for a second, daring myself to click on it. Finally I did, because after all, it said it was “smart” and the guy on the ad was cute so really how bad could it be?

It was called Artifice. It. Was. Awesome. I had my arrow poised over the close button just in case some noisy hard core porn popped onto my computer screen. But it was a webcomic (which is now being turned into a print comic thanks to Kickstarter!) and a very good one at that.

It was, in fact, smart and there was much, much more to the plot besides “hey these two hot guys do it and it’s wicked sexy.” That’s not to say there isn’t some sexual content. The writer, Alex Wolfson, says he rates himself as R to hard R. And Winona Nelson does an amazing job with the art. I adored the art in this story. It was so realistic, and I really prefer that style.

Another thing I loved is there’s a believable story behind each of the characters (Deacon & Jeff) and it also kept me on my toes. I read it in a matter of hours. I devoured it, I couldn’t get enough of those boys. From page one I was wondering what was going to happen next and that can be a difficult thing to achieve when writing stories.

I loved this webcomic so much I immediately went to Kickstarter and backed the project, mostly so I could get a copy of the print comic. I also started reading Alex Wolfson’s next project The Young Protectors, which I’m enjoying so far. (I’m in love Kyle’s hair, I wish it could be mine.)

So if you’re looking for a something little racy with a lot of substance and an interesting story line check out Artifice. I seriously can’t recommend it enough.

Story Time

I wanted to let everyone know a couple things.

1. I’m on a road trip. I plan on updating but if it doesn’t happen or the posts seem lame it’s because my brain is being dried up by the Southern California sun. Yay!

2. I published another story on It’s called The Protector and is an urban fantasy novel. It leans more towards young adult fiction, but I think can be enjoyed by a variety of people. So check it out, buy it, read it, review it all that wonderful stuff. Thanks!

Emerald City Comicon 2012

Taken at Wil Wheaton's 90-Minute Awesome Hour

I love getting my geek on. So it’s a wonder that I’ve only been to three comicons in my whole life. My first was last year’s Emerald City Comicon, then Phoenix Comicon and this year’s ECCC.  Each experience has been a fun and new experience. Obviously my first comicon was a new experience. Then in Phoenix I helped two friends with their table, so I got to see what it’s like behind the table. This year was another new experience. I thought I knew what to expect but this year’s con was different from last year’s.

This year I didn’t go with anyone. I had loose plans to meet up with some friends there, and my friends, Connie & Sara, had a table this year (check em out, they have a sweet webcomic called Mirror World) but I didn’t actually have anyone that I was going with. Because of that I was alone a lot. It wasn’t a terrible thing. I got to go to whatever panels I wanted and wander the show floor as the mood took me. The thing that was kind of challenging about going alone is that I’m shy. I don’t talk to people, so I don’t make eye contact cause if you make eye contact you have to talk to people. So walking around the show floor by myself was sort of dumb and a tad awkward as I tended to be a creepy lurker.

Saturday was the best day. I started off seeing Wil Wheaton, who is one of my favorite people to see. He’s an excellent writer who never fails to make me laugh. I was never a trekkie, but I started watching Star Trek Next Generation just to see young Wil be Wesley Crusher. Also the show is actually quite entertaining. So I started the day off right with a packed out room full of love for Wil Wheaton. I tried the show floor for a bit, but holy mother of pearl, the place was wall to wall. Eventually I met up with my friends, had lunch, and hit the show floor a little drunk due to margaritas at lunch. I think with the show floor so packed being a little drunk was the best choice.

I decided to bring my two year old with me on Sunday.

My sweet Superman lovin' on his balloon doggie.

I thought, from my experience last year, that Sunday was a pretty mellow day. I was wrong. Last year I had a boyfriend who was a huge trekkie. Also last year there was a ton of Star Trek stuff going on. They had Jonathan Frakes, Brent Spiner, William Shatner and Wil Wheaton. There were several panels that the old bf wanted to see. So Friday and Saturday felt like an absolute whirlwind of going from panel to panel, on top of trying to see as much of the show floor as possible. So when Sunday rolled around there wasn’t much to do, but shuffle aimlessly through the show floor in some sort of geeking out coma. I know for next year, Friday is the best day to take a little kid.

Sunday was also going to be the day I looked at actual comics. I was going to browse a bit and hopefully come home with a bunch of new comics to read on my road trip to California. But trying to wrangle a two year old, while checking out comics and make small talk with the artists/writers is impossible. Seriously. Not. Possible. The show floor was actually still a little too packed for Jack who really wanted to walk, but I’m sure felt he couldn’t because of the crowds. I did see a couple comics I’m going to buy some time soon, Rainbows in the Dark and Kill Shakespeare look pretty interesting to me.

I do have a couple regrets and one cool thing. I’ll share the cool thing first.

At Phoenix Comicon, while I helped my friends with their Mirror World table, I met Patrick Finch. He’s an excellent artist, and it was awesome to see him at ECCC. I bought this sweet Ariel (The Little Mermaid) from him at Phoenix Comicon. We talked about making Disney Princess’ sexy and how he should do a whole bunch of them. He said he might do Belle from Beauty and the Beast. I thought that would be awesome since Belle is my favorite Disney Princess. So after the con I looked him up online and every now and again would pop over to his site to see if he said anything about it. Then I saw him at ECCC and actually went up to him and told him the whole story about how we met and talked about Belle. He had done a sketch and was selling them, so I said I would absolutely take one. He gave it to me for free since I had been waiting for it! I also bought his Harry Potter print cause that was also badass and I would have ended up buying both anyway. He’s a really down to earth guy who is super nice. There can be some artists that seem unapproachable but Patrick doesn’t seem that way at all. I mean, I overcame my crippling shyness and approached him myself. So that is my awesome thing.

My lame regrets for this con, James and Oliver Phelps. When Tom Felton (aka Draco Malfoy) cancelled his appearance, the Phelps brothers stepped up. Wil Wheaton mentioned the ridiculous popularity of the two likening their fans to those of the Beatles; screaming teenage girls and their mothers. So I knew getting into the panel on Sunday would be challenging, especially with a squirmy loud two year old. I also got there at 12:45 and the panel started at 1pm, so I figured there would be no seats left.

I could have stood in line for hours and paid $50 to get a picture with them or get them to sign something. I heard, however, that they were so popular people were being rushed through. James & Oliver were being perfectly polite, there was just no time for anyone to say anything except “Hello!” picture/signature and “Thank you!”. Since thirty seconds is not enough time to convince one of them to marry me I thought what’s the point? So I didn’t even get to see them, which makes me sad.

The last lame regret is that Jeph Jacques who does Questionable Content was at the TopatoCo table but I didn’t realize it because I had fallen behind in reading my blogs/webcomics. So on Sunday night I was catching up on QC and saw that HEWASTHEREANDIMISSEDITANDIMSOSAD! Super duper bummer. Thing is, I thought I caught a glimpse of Marten on a cover but then I had my kiddo tugging on my hand so the thought flitted from my head.

Last thing I’ll say about the comicon is that the costumes were awesome this year. There was Steampunk Justice League, Rick from Walking Dead complete with terrifying zombie, and an excellent, equally terrifying Doctor Who angel.

I could have gotten a picture with her attacking me, but I probably would have had nightmares for weeks.