Spring Has Sprung

It is Spring in Seattle. I know because my one daffodil has finally bloomed and I’m sneezing about eight trillion times a day.

My sweet daffodil.

If you notice my lovely daffodil is in a pot and there is only one. This daffodil has a story. Back when Jordan and I lived in a house we had a large backyard with a compost pile in the far corner. One Spring day as I was doing dishes I looked out the window. I noticed a smallish dot of yellow in the otherwise brownish mound of rotting earth stuffs. Curious, I abandoned the dishes and went outside. I found two daffodils had pushed their way through the soil and were happily swaying in the breeze. I was delighted, because I quite like daffodils.

We already had a large green pot (purchased during Half Price Pots going out of business sale) but there was nothing very pretty in it yet. So I got out my gardening gloves and trowel. I carefully dug up the flowers and transplanted them to the pot. For a couple years we had two daffodils bloom each Spring, but then, for whatever reason, only one began to appear.

So the one daffodil is a sweet reminder of a life I used to have and new beginnings. I always try to find something to appreciate when I move to a new place. It has been difficult these last few years adjusting to suddenly living alone. Being sad also makes it hard to find things that are cheerful. For a while I felt as if I had Dementors living in every corner of my life, it was that difficult to find happiness.

But things have gotten a bit better and I have found that I do love where I live now almost as much as I loved the little house Jordan and I shared and started our family in.

Among the many things I enjoy about our new home are the two trees in the backyard. In the winter they were bare and skeletal like most of the trees on the block. But there was nothing sinister about them and I thought they looked lovely in the snow.

See, aren't they lovely?

As pretty as they were in the snow, there are becoming even more beautiful now that Spring is here. They are bursting into bloom with the cutest little white flowers. Even though I’m sure that’s what making my nose and eyes itch, and causing my eight trillion sneezes a day I can’t help but breathe in their sweet fragrance. They smell heavenly and are just adorable. They are worth the sneezes I think.

Pretty trees decked out in their Spring finery.

Sweet sneeze inducing blooms.

What do you love about Spring? Or is there anything you dislike about Spring?


4 responses to “Spring Has Sprung

  1. Breanne Fraley

    Staci, I love reading your posts! I definitely dislike Spring allergies, but I love seeing all the beautiful flowers that bloom this time of year. I especially like the “surprise” flowers; crocuses, daffodils, and tulips, that I had no idea were planted in our yard (since we moved into our new place in the fall) and are now popping up everywhere! I also love Spring break, although I don’t ever do anything or go anywhere, it’s still nice to have a week off and maybe do some exploring with the kids if the weather is decent.
    Spring feels like a time of renewal after the long yucky winter, and a time to look forward to sunshine and summer adventures.
    Spring also means Easter and I love Easter and all that it entails… the resurrection of Christ and celebration of His life and love for us, the crafts and baskets for the kids, new Easter outfits, coloring eggs, egg hunts, and of course, Easter candy!!!

  2. i love EXACTLY that, staci. in fact, your pics remind me of the mysterious-nameless-wonderfully-fragrant blossoms that are just about ready to pop on the huge tree in my own backyard … i have tried and TRIED to find out what the tree is but no one seems to know … the leaves actually come out before the blossoms, which is so weird and so great! and the lilac is not far behind, which is my personal yearly favorite. what i don’t like about spring (at least spring in the great northwest) is the MUD. just sayin’. thanks for sharing such a sweet story on this rainy friday ~ makes the mud so much more tolerable. 🙂

  3. I kind of love/hate the downpours! They are exciting to run through, laughing at the ridiculousness of it being such a Seattle cliche, but then again, you do end up soaking wet.

    Another thing I love about spring – comicon! 😉 LOL

  4. I do love Daffodils, and your lovely story:)

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