Single Parent Appreciation Day

A Facebook friend posted about Single Parent Appreciation Day. I looked on the Internet and it told me this a real thing and it’s today. So if you were raised by a single parent or if you know a single parent today is the day to tell them they’re awesome!

If you have friends who are single parents and want to make them feel special on any day (it doesn’t even have to be today) there is one thing that could make their day. Offer to babysit. I don’t mean in a general whenever kind of way. I mean pick a day that you’re not busy and offer to hang out with their kid for a couple hours so they can grab a coffee, run errands, get dinner, or just get out of the house.

I have no problem asking for sitters. I like to go out and so I know if I’m going to be able to go out I’ll have to find someone to be with Jack while I’m gone. Thing is when I ask so much I start to feel the “mommy guilt” kicking in. I know I spend plenty of time with him. I deserve some time to myself, but when you’re asking for sitters so often it all builds up and makes itself into the “you’re a bad parent” monster.

If you really want to help out the single parents in your life, just pick a day and offer it up. Chances are you won’t be turned down.


3 responses to “Single Parent Appreciation Day

  1. May I leave a post-script? First I just want to say that Staci is a wonderful mom. She is doing an incredibly amazing job in raising Jack. She is loving but firm, flexible yet consistent, and attentive but not smothering. She is also very blessed to have supportive female friends. In my humble opinion, what is missing in the whole equation, other than the obvious, is a good family male friend. A guy who will spend some quality “guy” time with Jack. A guy to take him to the park and kick or throw a ball around. A guy who could model what a Christian dad is. I guess what hurts the most is knowing that if Jordan were here and one of his friends was absent, Jordan would have stepped up and made sure his friend’s son was taken care of. That’s all I have to say on that.
    Post-script #2 These are my thoughts. Staci did not put me up to this. She doesn’t even know I’m writing this.

  2. What a lovely post, followed by a lovely comment. I was a single parent for many years. I have a son and often wished that there was a nice guy to spend time with him doing, just as you say, going to the park and playing football and stuff. I also think single parents, particularly mums, have a bit of a hard time – society can be harsh. It was tough but I loved being a single parent and my son, now 17, and I have a very close relationship. I take my hat off to you. Happy single parent day!

  3. You’re amazing. Happy belated Single Parent day:)

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