Lady & the Tramp is Scandalous

Jack loves Lady & the Tramp. I’ve seen this movie at least ten times by now. Anytime I suggest watching a movie he always pulls out this one. We watched it the other day. I sat down with him and actually watched it. When you watch it through adult eyes, it’s quite a scandalous film.

I’m being totally serious, it is called Lady & the Tramp after all! It starts out innocently enough with Lady as a puppy, we see her grow up and then find out her masters are going to have a baby. In the movie Jim Dear circles the month of April as the month the baby will be born. During this time we meet the Tramp, who is a slutty male dog who thinks Lady is cute (which she is).

Next baby is born. We’ll assume in April because that’s what Jim Dear circled earlier. So Lady meets the baby, sees it’s not so bad and actually likes him. Then Darling and Jim Dear decide to go on vacation. I’m going to assume they wait a few months. Let’s say they go on a trip in the fall, say October or November. Then the stupid Aunt Sarah with her lame cats comes and ruins everything.

After being taken to the pet store for a muzzle Lady runs off and who should she run into but the Tramp! So they start hanging out and he promises to get the muzzle off. Here’s where the scandal starts. After the muzzle is off, they go on a date and kiss and then spend the night together. We are led to believe nothing happens since this is a children’s movie, however, I believe something sexy must have happened between the two of them. Why?

Because, later Lady gets caught by the dog catcher and goes to the pound. While there she finds out the Tramp got down with a long list of lady dogs and is really hurt by it. Then even later, when he comes by with a bone (hahahaha) to make amends Lady talks about how frightened and embarrassed she was. Embarrassed huh? Unless something sexy happened I don’t see what she has to be embarrassed about. Oh! I almost forgot! Jock and Trusty come over to offer their hands in marriage. Possibly to make an honest bitch out of her. (Hahahahaha! I’m cracking myself up.)

So then at the end of the movie it’s Christmas, Tramp is adopted by the family and oh holy crap! There’s puppies. A dog’s gestation is between 53 and 68 days. So it fits with timeline of Lady running off and spending the night with the Tramp. See scandalous story. At least the Tramp makes an honest dog of her. Although, one has to wonder how many other puppies he has running around out in the world. He’s a tramp after all.


2 responses to “Lady & the Tramp is Scandalous

  1. Holy cow you are so right!!! Scandalous!

  2. I have thought that before too! Ha! An honest bitch out of her…

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