Valentine’s Day

I don’t like Valentine’s Day and not for the reasons you may think. When I was a kid I would wake up on Valentine’s Day to find a cute card and candies or a small toy sitting at my breakfast seat. I would have a stack of Valentine’s ready to give out to my classmates. We would take time out of the day to make Valentine “mailboxes” out of brown paper bags to collect our countless cards. It was actually sort of fun when it was about showing kindness and sometimes love to your classmates.

As I got older, namely in Junior High, I began to notice that Valentine’s Day was about something else entirely. Which changed everything, because suddenly Valentine’s Day wasn’t about giving funny, Disney themed cards to your friends, it was about having a boyfriend or girlfriend. There were opportunities to send balloon grams and candy grams. You’d think that as a delusional hopeless romantic I would love this stuff. But in addition to being that, I am also deeply pessimistic and cynical. It’s an odd combination I know, which makes me a tad difficult to get sometimes.

I no longer like Valentine’s Day. Getting cards or candy from family and friends is of course lovely, no matter what it’s for. And I’m not going to tell someone off for wishing me a happy Valentines day. I’ve helped Jack make cards to send to family members for the last two years and I look forward to when he is in school so I can help him with his class Valentines. But in the meantime I will turn a blind eye to the holiday that makes the romantic in me ever hopeful and the pessimist in my vomit.


One response to “Valentine’s Day

  1. WORD-took them right out of my mouth!!!

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