The Snowy Days

Seattle has received it’s snow this winter. While I write this the snow is melting as rain falls on it. I greeted the rain today with great rejoicing. Before I moved here I didn’t know Seattle actually got snow. While I was in high school, considering SPU for my school of choice, no one mentioned snow. Perhaps one or two people did, but what they said was something along the lines of, it hardly ever snows in Seattle. Those people were dead wrong. It has snowed in Seattle every winter I have been here. I’m not saying it’s been a huge storm every time it has snowed. But it has, at least, made an appearance even if it melted away the next afternoon.

Being a desert rat at heart, I don’t like snow. I don’t like it because it traps me at my house. I’m not delusional enough to think I can handle driving in the snow. I can barely drive when it’s not snowing so when it covers the road I become terrified of actually getting in my car and driving. Part of that fear comes from other drivers on the road who are delusional enough to think they know how to drive in snow. Seattle drivers are terrible, just awful, so add snow and it’s an absolute disaster.

The thing that’s irritating me the most is Facebook. People keep talking about cabin fever. Seriously folks? It’s not as if we’re snowed in. Our doors open freely and you can leave your house. Sure, if you can’t drive, you can easily get bundled up and walk somewhere. I saw plenty of bars that were still open and I’m sure grocery stores were open as well.  It was what, a couple of days? We’re not trapped in our homes for weeks on end, it wasn’t even a full week of actual snow. I bundled up my two and half year old several times to get us out of the house. I felt confident enough to drive on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. It wasn’t until Wednesday that it felt like Jack and I were stuck at home. And even then it wasn’t so horrible to walk up and down the street a few times. If my two year old can stand the chill outside certainly a grown up could.  Besides when we came back in the house it actually felt warm for a change.

I prefer being too warm to being too cold. So when it snows my icebox of a house gets even colder. I’m bundled up in long underwear, sweats, long sleeved shirt, sweatshirt and parka all while huddled under a blanket. Alright…I may be exaggerating a bit here…but my house does get cold. Jack’s little feet turn to ice cubes no matter how many layers of socks and slippers he’s wearing.

All that being said, there are two things I like about the snow. I love how much it fascinates Jack. All he wanted to do after breakfast was go out and walk in the snow. He kept taking handfuls of the stuff and saying “I throw.” It was adorable to watch him brush the snow off a plant only to be delighted by the fact that it was covered again by the intricate, tiny snowflakes.

The other thing I like about the snow is that it is so very peaceful. It turns Seattle, to a silent wonderland. Even if it’s just a bit of snow, once things are covered the world seems a little brighter, a little more pure. The world seems innocent and I like that.

But those are the only things I like about the snow, otherwise I’m going to be a humbug about it.


One response to “The Snowy Days

  1. i’m so glad you survived, staci ~ i’m one of those crazy seattle people who LOVE the snow and feel like we never get enough. so i was a happy girl this week AND i was crazy enough to think me and my 4 wheel drive could manage it. thankfully, we did. so please bear with us and i’ll cheer for you, too, today, now that the rain is back. the sun should return july 27. 🙂

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