Out of the Mouths of Babes

How a two year old can break my heart. He’s sitting in his rocking chair after nap time looking at a photo album full of pictures of him and his daddy. I’m putting some books back on the bookshelf. He looks up at me and says as he points to the picture, “Mama, Daddy, Jack.” There’s a small pause, then asks with all the sincerity a two year can muster, “Mama, where my daddy?”

Instant broken heart and I can feel the hot lump of tears in my throat as I choke out, “He’s in the picture sweetie. See there’s your daddy!” Tight smile, then I turn away to compose myself. Cause how can you explain to a two year old where his daddy really is? Especially if you don’t understand it yourself?


4 responses to “Out of the Mouths of Babes

  1. I love you, Staci.

  2. At the very least he has the photos and friends and Mommy who can help him know who his Daddy was.

    My heart aches for you.

  3. Oh Staci, I wish I could hug you and Jack right now. How I wish I could take away your pain and leave only the beautiful memories.

  4. I love you. Jack will be an amazing man just like his father because he has you. I’m sorry Staci. Hugs…

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