Busy Bees Buzzing About

I don’t have a post today. I’ve been busy all week. I had my first swing class on Monday which was awesome, Wednesday was game night at my place and I’ve been planning an amazingly awesome birthday party for my bff Cassie all week with her flatmate Holly. In between actual events happening in my life, I’ve also been searching for a place to live, which is frustrating and hanging out with a new friend who is moving next week. Wonderful timing (she said sarcastically). I’ve been staying up too late and not getting much real work done, but it’s been fun.

I’m also still potty training a two year old, which is challenging in itself. He’s doing well though. There have been no pee accidents this week! But there has been two poop accidents, those are surprisingly easier to clean up. I think he’s getting the hang of it though. He still wears a Pull Up when we go out, but informs me if he’s done anything in them. All of this I consider awesome progress. My son is so amazing and wicked smart! Here’s an picture of him on the potty. I’m sure he’ll appreciate this later in life.


One response to “Busy Bees Buzzing About

  1. LOL…love that you posted a picture of him on his potty! He will definitely appreciate it later! Way to keep busy though. That’s usually how it is for me as well and it really makes life eventful and full, and definitely makes you appreciate the down time when you stumble upon it and take advantage of it. LOVE YOU! Megs

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