Been One of Those Weeks

Before I start this post I wanted to let you all know that I’ve got something new published on Amazon Kindle! It’s called To Alaska: The Last Frontier. It’s a narrative that my great grandmother, Mary Gray Brownlee, wrote when her husband, brothers and her traveled by road to Alaska in March 1948. There’s also some really sweet pictures that go with the story but I couldn’t get them to work so you can view them on Flickr by following this link:

Alright on to my sorry excuse for a post.

It has been one of those weeks. I wrote about Jack’s new quirks last week and they have made this week challenging and full of tears and tantrums from Jack and me. I know it’s a phase, I know he’ll eventually be able to talk and that will make things easier. However, as things stand now … each night I am so terribly exhausted. I don’t even feel rested the next morning. But I will power through, and try to focus on the positive. I also get to go to Canada sans child this weekend so that will be a nice break I think.

I thought I had something really great to post about, but I started to write it and it was … not what I was hoping. So I’m not going to strain myself. I will say that I have two new stories in the works right now and that makes me very happy. I’m pretty excited about both. Hopefully it won’t take me five years to write them.


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