New Quirks

Jack is developing new quirks every day. It is truly amazing to watch this little human being become a person before my eyes. His personality is showing through more with each day that passes. He’s stubborn, determined, can have a fiery temper at the drop of a hat; but at the same time he is contemplative, quiet and cuddly. One moment he’s fiercely independent and the next he wants to hold my hand or sit in my lap.

He’s definitely a two year old and has started to show it through his actions. He’s babbling a lot but still doesn’t say a lot of actual words. Two new things I’m getting used to are Jack wanting to sit at the table instead of in his high chair and he suddenly hates going to bed, it doesn’t matter if it’s nap time or bed time, he does not want to go.

Sitting at the table is no big deal, I simply let him choose where he wants to eat.

But not wanting to go to bed is really a test of patience. I would like the days of easy bedtime back. I’m having to find new strategies of getting him to bed. I start telling him it’s almost time for bed, about half an hour before we actually have to clean up and go to bed. That’s another thing, if I ask him to clean up that too is full of tears since he knows right after we’re done we’ll have to go upstairs and go to bed. Once cleaning up starts it’s a battle until the the lights are out and his door is closed.

I’ve also discovered that I have to wear him out a lot before nap if I actually want him to sleep. The only way to effectively wear him out is by taking him outside to play for at least an hour. Once the weather turns sour again I’m not sure how I’m going to get him to sleep. Today is the first day this week that he’s actually fallen asleep at nap time.

But honestly I’m fascinated by these new things. Because even though it’s harder to get him to bed, and even though he insists on sitting at the table, it all makes up who he is. I know most little kids don’t like bedtime, but watching him deal with the emotions of not wanting to go bed is sort of neat; at least now in hindsight, when I’m not blinding by exhaustion, irritation and deafness by screaming.

I knew I would love being a mom; but I wasn’t prepared for the total devotion and fascination that comes with watching them grow into a person.


2 responses to “New Quirks

  1. Cool perspective, Staci.

    If you can figure out how to make Jack want to go to bed, let me know… perhaps I can use it on myself!

  2. I agree with Cassie:) super cool that you can appreciate Jack’s development as an individual. Bed time is the age old struggle. It does get easier. We are just about over the hump, I think. Cooper is now finally getting to sleep quickly, but we have to cheer him along to just lie down. Iris is still protesting, “But, I am NOT tired!”

    Hang in there. And yeah, exhaustion helps. When the weather is nasty we have found the mini gym at the community centers to work out ($2 for kids under 5 to run around the gym with toys).

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