A Hawaiian Vacation

I am writing this in the living room of our condo rental on Maui in the Hawaiian Islands. What a wonderful and rejuvenating vacation this has been. The  California and Arizona getaways I’ve taken this year have been fun, but there was not a lot of relaxing going on. There was always something to do, someone to see, something to get done,  somewhere to drive; which is fine, but as far as real relaxation goes there was little of it. On this vacation I have slept when I wanted, read when I felt like it, watched movies, played games, snorkeled, body boarded and swam in the ocean. I’ve indulged in the best luau on all of the islands (according to a trustworthy local) and admired the tattooed Hawaiian men. I even found what I believe will be my next tattoo.

This Hawaiian getaway has resulted in a lot of good conversations with my brother in law’s girlfriend. I feel ready to go back to Seattle as a strong, confident woman, ready to make the decisions that have been haunting me since January 2010. Just because they’re scary choices I have to make doesn’t mean I can’t handle them myself.

Below are some highlights of our vacation before my waterproof camera decided it was not waterproof and died.

View of the beach from our lanai

Jessica and I in the ocean on our first day

A gecko I named Francisco. He hung around our stairs the first couple of days.

(This post was written on Tuesday of this week. I am now back on the mainland. I missed my kiddo a lot and I’m pretty sure he missed me.)


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