As some of you know, I’ve published a couple things on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing. I’m really enjoying this a lot. I can write with a purpose now, instead of writing and wondering what will ever become of it. So I just wanted to put out a quick reminder that there are books that I’ve written available on Amazon.

In fact there’s a new short story available called The Geek Invasion. It is a story full of stereotypes and exaggerations. Basically if you don’t have a sense of humor you shouldn’t read it. If you can handle a little tongue in check, 80’s representations of typical geek/jock relations you might enjoy this.

Also coming soon is a narrative piece entitled Alaska: The Last Frontier. It was written by my great grandmother, Mary Gray Brownlee. She, her husband and her brothers trekked up to Alaska in the 1940’s towing a trailer home behind them. It’s all about their encounters and adventures. The text has actually been ready for awhile. The hold up is the images, I’m having a hard time getting them to show at all. If I can’t make it happen I might have to publish it without the images, which would be a bummer.

For a list of my books go here.

For my author page go here.


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