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Been One of Those Weeks

Before I start this post I wanted to let you all know that I’ve got something new published on Amazon Kindle! It’s called To Alaska: The Last Frontier. It’s a narrative that my great grandmother, Mary Gray Brownlee, wrote when her husband, brothers and her traveled by road to Alaska in March 1948. There’s also some really sweet pictures that go with the story but I couldn’t get them to work so you can view them on Flickr by following this link:

Alright on to my sorry excuse for a post.

It has been one of those weeks. I wrote about Jack’s new quirks last week and they have made this week challenging and full of tears and tantrums from Jack and me. I know it’s a phase, I know he’ll eventually be able to talk and that will make things easier. However, as things stand now … each night I am so terribly exhausted. I don’t even feel rested the next morning. But I will power through, and try to focus on the positive. I also get to go to Canada sans child this weekend so that will be a nice break I think.

I thought I had something really great to post about, but I started to write it and it was … not what I was hoping. So I’m not going to strain myself. I will say that I have two new stories in the works right now and that makes me very happy. I’m pretty excited about both. Hopefully it won’t take me five years to write them.

Awolnation- Sail

Great song, with an alien abduction video. Extra points for Awolnation.

Song of the Day

Because the video is Legos and the song makes me laugh.

New Quirks

Jack is developing new quirks every day. It is truly amazing to watch this little human being become a person before my eyes. His personality is showing through more with each day that passes. He’s stubborn, determined, can have a fiery temper at the drop of a hat; but at the same time he is contemplative, quiet and cuddly. One moment he’s fiercely independent and the next he wants to hold my hand or sit in my lap.

He’s definitely a two year old and has started to show it through his actions. He’s babbling a lot but still doesn’t say a lot of actual words. Two new things I’m getting used to are Jack wanting to sit at the table instead of in his high chair and he suddenly hates going to bed, it doesn’t matter if it’s nap time or bed time, he does not want to go.

Sitting at the table is no big deal, I simply let him choose where he wants to eat.

But not wanting to go to bed is really a test of patience. I would like the days of easy bedtime back. I’m having to find new strategies of getting him to bed. I start telling him it’s almost time for bed, about half an hour before we actually have to clean up and go to bed. That’s another thing, if I ask him to clean up that too is full of tears since he knows right after we’re done we’ll have to go upstairs and go to bed. Once cleaning up starts it’s a battle until the the lights are out and his door is closed.

I’ve also discovered that I have to wear him out a lot before nap if I actually want him to sleep. The only way to effectively wear him out is by taking him outside to play for at least an hour. Once the weather turns sour again I’m not sure how I’m going to get him to sleep. Today is the first day this week that he’s actually fallen asleep at nap time.

But honestly I’m fascinated by these new things. Because even though it’s harder to get him to bed, and even though he insists on sitting at the table, it all makes up who he is. I know most little kids don’t like bedtime, but watching him deal with the emotions of not wanting to go bed is sort of neat; at least now in hindsight, when I’m not blinding by exhaustion, irritation and deafness by screaming.

I knew I would love being a mom; but I wasn’t prepared for the total devotion and fascination that comes with watching them grow into a person.

Song of the Day

Because I’m going to his show on Friday and also because he’s just awesome.

mc chris- Never Give Up

Song of the Day

Like many people, music plays a huge roll in my life. I love almost any kind of music; music with lyrics, silly songs, meaningful songs, songs with no lyrics, it’s really something I love. I decided to start doing song of the day posts. These won’t happen everyday. This isn’t an attempt to turn my blog into a music blog, I don’t have the musical knowledge for that. Sometimes I want to share songs that get stuck in my head or that I find particularly wonderful. So here is my first song of the day post!

The Afters – Light Up the Sky

A Hawaiian Vacation

I am writing this in the living room of our condo rental on Maui in the Hawaiian Islands. What a wonderful and rejuvenating vacation this has been. The  California and Arizona getaways I’ve taken this year have been fun, but there was not a lot of relaxing going on. There was always something to do, someone to see, something to get done,  somewhere to drive; which is fine, but as far as real relaxation goes there was little of it. On this vacation I have slept when I wanted, read when I felt like it, watched movies, played games, snorkeled, body boarded and swam in the ocean. I’ve indulged in the best luau on all of the islands (according to a trustworthy local) and admired the tattooed Hawaiian men. I even found what I believe will be my next tattoo.

This Hawaiian getaway has resulted in a lot of good conversations with my brother in law’s girlfriend. I feel ready to go back to Seattle as a strong, confident woman, ready to make the decisions that have been haunting me since January 2010. Just because they’re scary choices I have to make doesn’t mean I can’t handle them myself.

Below are some highlights of our vacation before my waterproof camera decided it was not waterproof and died.

View of the beach from our lanai

Jessica and I in the ocean on our first day

A gecko I named Francisco. He hung around our stairs the first couple of days.

(This post was written on Tuesday of this week. I am now back on the mainland. I missed my kiddo a lot and I’m pretty sure he missed me.)

Facebook Hiatus

I am actually writing this blog on Tuesday afternoon from the in laws house. By the time this is posted I will be in Hawaii with them, and I’m sure it will be glorious.

I decided that the trip to Hawaii would be a good time to take a hiatus from Facebook. I have many issues with Facebook, as some of you know. I’ve tried to limit myself but I’ve not been as successful as I’d hoped. So while in Hawaii it is my goal to not access Facebook at all. Upon my return I hope to wean myself off of it, to become less dependent on it. I have already gone into my preferences and turned off all notifications of any kind, so I won’t be tempted to pop on “real quick.”

Facebook is strange because it claims to be a “social” tool, but I feel more lonely and isolated on Facebook than in real life. Facebook has started to take the place of actual, real relationships in my life. Honestly, I find Facebook to be a more effective spying tool, rather than social tool. How many times have you checked out a friends page but not written a blessed thing on their wall? So here is my plan for my Facebook rehabilitation:

First two weeks: Facebook once a day for no more than 20 minutes.

Next two weeks: Facebook once every other day for no more than 20 minutes.

Next two weeks: Facebook twice a week for no more than 15 minutes.

Next two weeks: Facebook once a week for no more than 15 minutes.

If I can reach those goals we’ll see if I can get it down to once every two weeks. This may be shocking to some, why would I want to cut myself off like this? Well really who am I cutting myself off from? The people I actually see and talk to in person have my phone number. My email address is on my Facebook info page. How hard is it to send an email message rather than a Facebook message? It’s not as if I’m throwing away my phone or never checking my email. I’m not going off into the woods to become a hermit. Just the opposite actually.

Instead of sitting alone at my computer silently starting at the monitor I’ll be forcing myself to call people, text them and get together…in person! I’ll force myself to have real relationships again instead of virtual ones.


As some of you know, I’ve published a couple things on Amazon through Kindle Direct Publishing. I’m really enjoying this a lot. I can write with a purpose now, instead of writing and wondering what will ever become of it. So I just wanted to put out a quick reminder that there are books that I’ve written available on Amazon.

In fact there’s a new short story available called The Geek Invasion. It is a story full of stereotypes and exaggerations. Basically if you don’t have a sense of humor you shouldn’t read it. If you can handle a little tongue in check, 80’s representations of typical geek/jock relations you might enjoy this.

Also coming soon is a narrative piece entitled Alaska: The Last Frontier. It was written by my great grandmother, Mary Gray Brownlee. She, her husband and her brothers trekked up to Alaska in the 1940’s towing a trailer home behind them. It’s all about their encounters and adventures. The text has actually been ready for awhile. The hold up is the images, I’m having a hard time getting them to show at all. If I can’t make it happen I might have to publish it without the images, which would be a bummer.

For a list of my books go here.

For my author page go here.