California Love

I was in California last week. And it was so much fun! I know if I moved there it would be less fun, I would still have the same problems and I would still get bored. I would also not be on vacation all the time. But at least I would be warm and the sun would shine.

I’ve been thinking about moving back to California. I think I’ve ultimately decided against it, because I don’t have as many friends there as I do in Seattle and the friends I do have there are spread out. The timing as far as my lease goes is also terrible. I’d have to move right after Christmas and two days before New Years. I think if I liked where I lived more I would be less inclined to leave. When I say “where I lived” I’m talking about my apartment. If I had neighbors that were nice and not creepy. Maybe if I had roommates. I need a better place to live, because I want to raise my son in a house with a yard. I don’t want going outside to always be going to the park. I’d like a little more space so I can get more separation of “kid space” from “grown up space.” I can’t have that anywhere unless I get roommates. It’s sort of weird to think about living with roommates again after not for so many years.

I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with apartment living. It really works for some people, but I don’t think I’m one of those people.

All I know is something’s gotta change soon or I’m going to California.


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