California & a Little Harry Potter

It seems my inner gypsy is getting what it wants this year. I’ve been home for one week and now here I am getting ready to leave town again. My sissy and I are going to a wedding in Palm Springs. We are also going to go to Disneyland since we haven’t been in years.

Lately my blog has seemed a bit lacking as far as depth and meaning goes. I’ve been busy, which is no excuse, but I really don’t seem to be thinking about much lately except what’s going on right here, right now. Unfortunately that leaves little time for contemplating anything beyond simple thoughts, such as the last Harry Potter movie was fabulous, cheesy and made me almost cry three times. I’m sure it’ll pick back up again once the weather goes sour and I have more time to think.

In the meantime enjoy my frivolous, meaningless posts! Bon Voyage!


3 responses to “California & a Little Harry Potter

  1. I liked final HP too…and got sniffy about same amount of times.

    I don’t mind the not full of meaning posts…that is how I mostly write, rarely do I have major depth…and frankly, I think that’s more real. Just whats going on here and now and instant words from head vomit…that’s me! LOL. Enjoy your time in CA!


  2. Summers are busy for sure…still you have taken the time to blog and write an update. I like hearing about life from your perspective.

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