Scholarship 5k

Jack and I have been out of town all week to help out as much as we can with the Jordan Crouch Scholarship Memorial 5k run. It’s been nice to be away and relax a little; watch a couple scary movies, read a bunch (I did finish Hunger Games), and just be around family. I’m excited for tonight because the Goerz half of the fam will be in town and the Crouch house is going to be packed full. That can be really fun sometimes.

Some things I did this week:

1. Took Jack to see Winne the Pooh at a real movie theatre. It was a success!

2. Took Jack to get his portraits taken. Not so much of a success, he was a bit clingy.

3. Had Carl’s Jr. for lunch. I hadn’t had Carl’s Jr. in forever.

4. Visited my friend’s the King’s. Which is always fun because there’s so much open space for Jack to run around in.

And tomorrow Elise and I will attempt to run a 5k for real. We’ll see how far I make it.


One response to “Scholarship 5k

  1. We did super duper awesome in the 5K by the way!

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