Remember that time with the dandelion?

In honor of my son’s 2nd birthday, (which was Wednesday), I’m going to tell one of my favorite Jack stories from this year. It’s also one of his Aunt Elise’s favorites. Hope you all enjoy!

One Tuesday evening Matt & Elise invited Jack and I to their place for a BBQ. Since I like to get out of cooking dinner anytime I can, we agreed. What’s also nice about going to Auntie & Uncle’s house is that they have a large fenced in backyard, so Jackers gets to run around, be generally crazy and yell as loud as he likes. Then he sleeps really well at night and sometimes even sleeps late the next morning.

So we arrived at my sister’s house and Jack immediately started to run around and explore the backyard. He also tried to help Uncle with the barbecuing, and journeyed up and down the stairs to the back door a few times. As the evening wore on he started to get a bit bored, but it wasn’t time to go yet. We hadn’t even begun dessert.

So I tried to distract him with potato chips and cheese. He fed the potato chips to the ants and then ventured to the corner of the yard where there’s a garden type area. There were a few dandelions that had popped up and he seemed pretty interested in those. I sat in my seat next to the fire pit and chatted with my sister and brother in law a bit. Suddenly Elise let out an amused yell.

“Jack!” She shouted. “Did you just eat that dandelion?”

I turned around to see my son with a dandelion steam in his hand and little puffs of seed sticking all around his mouth. He tried to spit a few times then moved his tongue in and out of his mouth like a dog eating peanut butter.

“What are you doing?” I asked. “Come here!” He walked over quickly dropping the steam to the ground. I laughed a little as I got a closer look at the seeds stuck to his chin.

“Did you really eat that?” I asked. “Open your mouth.” He opened his mouth and reveled a mouthful of soaked white dandelion seeds. I tried my best to sweep them out with my finger but they had sort of disintegrated into a white sticky mess. I wiped his tongue with a napkin, then handed him his water.

“Sorry bud, I guess you’ll just have to wash them down.” He took a few sips of his water. I handed him his cheese in an attempt to get the taste out of his mouth.

“Family rule, no eating dandelions.” I said as he walked away, back toward the dandelion plant.


2 responses to “Remember that time with the dandelion?

  1. 🙂 i can just picture that ~ happy, happy birthday dear jack!! i’d love to be there for his party and will miss not. a fun weekend to ALL of you!!

  2. Super funny and something he’ll probably never do again:) What a delightful story, Happy Birthday to Jack!

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