Tide Pools

Seattle finally got the memo that it’s summer time, and I woke up this morning to a gorgeous sunny day. My kiddo was equally excited, looking out the window and pointing at the gardeners doing their work, repeatedly uttering “Ooooo!” He looked so anxious to go outside I couldn’t make him wait. I hurriedly gulped down my coffee, got us dressed, grabbed beach toys and headed to Richmond Beach Saltwater Park.

When we arrived I saw the tide was out, which it never is when I go. I was absolutely delighted, I think I was more excited than my child. We got to explore the tide pools! At first I tried to keep my shoes dry, but after a little while I gave that up; they were just old slip on shoes after all.

We walked over the rocky shore, which is where we usually stand to throw rocks and sticks into the water, and into the tide pools. The water was warmed by the sun so it felt lovely squishing into my shoes. I pointed out crabs and sea grass to the kiddo while he dug in the wet sand. As we walked along, we passed little communities of Geoducks, who spit water at our ankles as we passed. I laughed while Jack looked at me like I had three heads.

Another boy down the way with his family had found a jelly fish and was carefully balancing it on his shovel. He brought it over, after a little encouragement from his dad, to show to Jack and me. He said I could touch the topside, but I declined. He put it in a nearby tide pool and watched its tentacles spread and wave in the water.

Jack had much business to attend to. He walked down the shore stopping to pick up handfuls of mud and fling it into the water. He stopped to inspect a few rocks, and walk across the larger ones; he spent some time shoveling wet sand from the shore into his bucket. After about an hour he started to get a little grumpy.

Checking the time I saw it was lunch time and since we had missed snack due to the wonders of the tide pools Jack was probably starving. I rinsed his shovels and threw them in his now empty bucket and headed back to the car.

Jack’s wet water socked feet kicked against me as we walked over the train bridge back to the car. As Jack waved goodbye to the beach, I took one last breath of salty sea air, thankful for the sun, tide pools and childlike wonder.







3 responses to “Tide Pools

  1. You’re such a descriptive writer Staci. I could almost feel the sand squishing between my toes and hear the sound of the water slapping against the seashore, muffled only by the squeals of delight from dear sweet Jack. Thank you for being such an AWESOME mom and spending the day exploring God’s creation with your son. Wish we could have been there with you. We love you, Gramma who & Umpa

  2. sounds like a perfect morning to me. 🙂

  3. At first I totally misread “he spent some time shoveling wet sand from the shore into his bucket” as “he spent some time shoveling wet sand from the shore into his pocket” – LOL! Thank goodness it was the other way around!! 🙂

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