Phoenix Comicon 2011

I wanted to go day by day and give you a run down of what Connie, Sara and I did during Comicon. But all the days have begun to run together and separating them out is proving difficult. So I suppose I will just give you a few highlights.

Guests & Panels

The guest I was most excited for was Wil Wheaton. I like Wil mostly for his performance in Stand By Me and his writing. I’ve seen a few episodes of Next Generation but I’m not terribly familiar with it. The problem with me is I get star struck when I meet famous people. I wish I didn’t because I’d love to be that cool fan that talks to them like they’re a person instead of getting all flushed and sheepish. I had a couple things I wanted to chat with him about quickly since I’m a writer as well, but I let my nerves get the better of me. I was second in line and I felt like I should hurry it up as well, so I just bought a print, had him sign it and scurried away. He did compliment my t-shirt, which made me happy. I rode on a giddy fangirl cloud for awhile after that. That night I also went to see Storytime with Wil Wheaton. He was very funny, of course. He read some fan fiction he wrote, an excerpt from Memories of the Future Vol. 1 and some rough drafts from Memories of the Future Vol. 2.

I had intentions for meeting other folks, but I don’t like to have to pay to meet people or take pictures with them. So I didn’t really meet anyone else. Although I did hear a rumor that it was Leonard Nimoy’s last public appearance ever. Connie heard that from three different people, so it must be true.

I went to one other panel and that was one on The Guild. Sandeep Parikh and Jeff Lewis hosted that one. It was funny for awhile, but the room was packed and a bit stuffy, so I ended up leaving a few minutes early to beat the crowd. I decided my favorite place at this Con was the exhibition hall. There was tons of panels to go see, but none of them really jumped out at me. So I mostly stayed downstairs.

Our Neighbors

We had a table next to Inch by Finch (Patrick Finch) and Hero Comics. Hero Comics had a couple artists at their table. One of which was Vince DePorter, who illustrates the Spongebob Squarepants comic books and worked on the Scooby Doo comics for awhile as well. Both Patrick and Vince were awesome! Not only were they great artists but they were nice guys, so we got to chat with them a bit.

Artist Alley

I loved having an exhibitor badge, not only did we get to go in the exits and go to the exhibition hall early, but we also had a place for some downtime. Since there was three of us you could be behind the table and not engage with the people walking by. Another nice thing about having the exhibitor badge was chatting with other exhibitors as I walked around. It gives you something to talk about when  you see the exhibitor badge, you can ask about what they’re working on.

I actually made a new friend! Which is really unusual for me. I was browsing around one afternoon and stopped at this booth to admire some sketches of a cute kitty. I got to talking to the girl behind the table, Nina, and we talked about the comics she had and what we were working on over at our table. I actually ended up buying all three of the comics she had for sale and they were actually really good. I’m convinced that that probably wouldn’t have happened if I had been wearing a normal attendee badge.

The entire experience was much different than my first comicon experience. In fact I think I prefer being an exhibitor. That’s not to say I didn’t have a good time at my first comicon, I did. I guess what I liked best was the freedom I felt as an exhibitor. There were still rules and regulations you have to follow of course, but it felt like I was part of a club or something. It was also nice to be able to see all the costumes go by, except the guy in the gold, skintight pants…that was a tad disturbing.


2 responses to “Phoenix Comicon 2011

  1. It was nice to meet you too. I wish I had a Kindle so that I could read your work. Thanks for the compliment. I was running low.

    • You don’t have to have a Kindle. You can download it on a smart phone with the Kindle App or onto your computer.

      I loved your comics, I had finished reading them the day after I bought them! I can’t wait for more!

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