Call of the Gypsy

One thing Jordan and I talked about a lot but never actually got to do was driving around the country, gypsy style in a VW Bus.

Yes, this was something that was actually discussed at length. We had even gone so far as to research the cost of a VW Bus. Our plan was to store all our stuff, probably in his parents barn, pack what we needed, get a dog and live out of the bus for a year, camping, traveling and experiencing America in a truly unique way. We planned to do random things for money, like selling crap I knit or wrote. Or stopping in one place for a period of time and doing odd jobs around town. Jordan even contemplated offering financial services but then realized it would seem pretty shady since we’d live in a van…

As unrealistic as this sounds it was something I was really excited about. I know Jordan was too. Both of us, I believe, had wandering hearts and were happiest when we were traveling. The destination wasn’t too important, it was the journey. During our epic road trip the things that I remember and treasure most are the things that didn’t really make it into his blog posts. The fact that we only brought nine CD’s to listen to…on a cross country road trip, only nine CD’s. The road signs we saw, the conversation in the car about life, love and our future son.

This gypsy dream is now lost. It’s sad, but it’s true. I can not do this on my own! It would be dangerous for a woman to take her toddler son on the road gypsy style all by her lonesome; my father would flip out, not to mention everybody else I know.

I guess what I’m taking away from this reflection is to not let things hold me back. If there’s something I want to do or try, the best time is now. I know I’ve been harping on this a lot lately but that’s because it’s always on my mind. Take advantage of every sunny day, because you never know when the rain is going to start again. Especially during Spring in Seattle.


One response to “Call of the Gypsy

  1. I love the sense of adventure you and Jordan had together. You two were always up for anything! I’m sorry you didn’t get to realize all your dreams together. You are very beautiful Staci and we love you so much!

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