Lazy Friday

Here I am in the gorgeous, oppressive Southern California heat. I have my kiddo with me, so it’s not completely relaxing, but it’s so wonderful to be away again. I love where I live, but some times I have to get away and dry out a bit.

Last night I went to street fair with some friends from high school. It was very much a flashback; getting ready to head to the fair with Josh, Danielle and my sissy. A few things have changed of course. I have a kid. Josh just moved back to the desert at the beginning of the year. Danielle has a couple more gay friends. And Elise has a husband. So it was naturally different than high school, but still fun. We kept Jack out too late then carted Josh back to his house across the desert.

As we drove, Josh and I looked around the desert that had once been so familiar. He said, “I can’t decide if the desert is the same or different.” I told him I think it’s the same but different. There’s so many places I recognize. I have so many memories. And yet there are so many new things that have sprung up around those memories.

I think I will always love this place. I will always want to come visit. No matter how many new things spring up. The sun just makes me happy.


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