I realized too late that today is Friday. I’ve been distracted all week by a number of different things, so I don’t have a post. But I will tell you what’s been distracting me, just so you know I’m not sitting around watching Sesame Street all day with the kiddo.

1. My zombie story entitled Jude & the Zombies, and the possible publishing options I have for it. I’m really excited about it, so I’ve been working on it all week trying to get it ready. I’m also reading a novel by Jesse Petersen called Married with Zombies, so I’ve been having nightmares all week. So I’m overworked and tired, but hopefully it will all be for something awesome! I should have more details on that later this week.

2. Just as I give up Facebook for Lent I find a new awesomer website to take up my time, ravelry.com. I’ve been playing on it all week. I’ve started a new project and have several more queued up.

That’s it really. Those two things, one of which is relevant to my writing and one that is relevant to just plain distracting me. Sorry for the lack of a real post. Like I said, later this week I should have some news and more time to write a real post.


3 responses to “Distractions

  1. What’s your username on ravelry?

  2. like, like, like! i want to hear more about your publishing stuff tonight!

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