Give Thanks Everyday

One year at Thanksgiving Jordan asked me what I was thankful for, not including him. I thought of something to be thankful for and shared it. The next day he asked me again. After a week of him asking me, I started asking him. We asked each other to be thankful for something new every day. Not only did it have to be something new, it had to be something relevant. For example we couldn’t say “Today I’m thankful for coffee.” It had to be something deeper. Even though there were days I was deeply thankful for coffee.

It was actually quite a challenge, especially on bad days. Sometimes even on good ones it was difficult to find something I was truly thankful for. I decided yesterday that I’m going to challenge myself to find something to be thankful for everyday.


2 responses to “Give Thanks Everyday

  1. I am thankful for you!

  2. I tied to do that in a journal once. I only made it about a week. Stick with it, what a great discipline!

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