I just spent thirty minutes working on a post about Facebook, Christian fads and being intentional. Needless to say it’s messy and sounds preachy so I’m going to work on it more this coming week and maybe it will be up next Friday, if I’m brave…

In the meantime, can someone explain to me what the hell “courtship” is? Remember back in 2000 I think it was, courtship got big with the publication of that book I Kissed Dating Goodbye by Joshua Harris? I like to call it “I kissed dating goodbye til I met a hot girl I wanted to date, so then I wrote another book about dating…” I’ve never read either book cause I thought kissing dating goodbye for courtship was dumb. So mostly I make fun of it.

But I don’t really know what courtship is. My understanding of it now is that it’s dating without all the fun bits of kissing and making out with the ultimate goal being marriage. Is that accurate or totally off base?


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