Church of the Sounders

Preface: I love the Seattle Sounders. I always have fun at the games and enjoy the singing and shouting. With that said I will now begin my blog post.

I went to the Sounders game on Tuesday with three girlfriends. My friend has seats in the ECS section. For those unfamiliar with what that is they’re called the Emerald City Supporters and they’re proper soccer hooligans. There is much singing, drinking and general shouting.

It was an exciting game, and an historic one as well. The Sounders won the US Open for the second year in a row, which hasn’t happened in a long time. So the ECS were in fine form.

After the game my friend and I were walking back to her car and she likened the ECS to an enthusiastic, fundamentalist church. I asked her to expand and what she had to say was right on. Here is what she said.

The Sounders would be god, and ECS the church. ECS means well and a lot of the time I’m sure encourage and make the Sounders happy. However, sometimes they get so lost in all the ritual of being ECSers and singing the chants that they miss the game. Sometimes I just want to watch the game, but it’s difficult when you’re also trying to keep track of what song you’re supposed to be singing. I suppose if you really want to see the game you don’t sit in the ECS section. Which could lead to a whole other discussion about church…

On the upside there were several cute guys at the game. And as my friend pointed out “at least you know they’re passionate about something which is better than nothing.”

*Disclaimer: I’m writing this while the kiddo is awake and playing. So if it seems disjointed or poorly edited know it’s because I’m trying write and watch a one year old.


9 responses to “Church of the Sounders

  1. Haha! I love this analogy.

    I’m so glad you were there – what a great service we had! 😉

    (Also, I’m pretty sure Kasey Keller is at least a demigod.)

  2. I pray to St. Zakuani every night, doesn’t everyone?

    sent here by a tweet from ECS 🙂

  3. Can I get the last minute of my life back?

    Proper soccer hooligans? Far from it. Hooliganism culture is about fighting before/after the match to express support for the club. ECS doesn’t do that. Ultras culture is about using big flags, banners, and pyro in support of your club w/o violence. Supporters culture is more vocally supporting your club, though it encompasses most visual styles of support: we’re a combination of the latter two.

    Now I’m thinking you watched Green Street Hooligans a few times and learned everything you know from it.

    You obviously know very little about supporters culture. ECS needs MORE participation, MORE people working together as one, MORE people waving flags at all times of the match. ECS is the best supporters group in MLS, but we’ve got a ridiculous long road to being one of the best in the world, and the best of the world are 5,000 members acting as one in everything they do. That unity is the pulse of a football club when they play on the pitch.

    And frankly, while you might fail at doing two things at once, I happen to be able to chant and watch the match at the same time.

    • Thanks for the comment even if it was a bit hostile. I appreciate your knowledge and wasn’t claiming that I know everything or anything for that matter, just making some observations.

      I have seen Green Street Hooligans. I enjoyed the movie and it’s true, that is all I know of soccer culture. But like I said, I wasn’t claiming to know it all.

      The post was meant to be about drawing parallels between the ECS and the church; just a fun, interesting analogy.

    “Some people think football is a matter of life and death. I assure you, it’s much more serious than that.”
     Bill Shankly quotes (Scottish Soccer Player and Manager, 1913-1981)

  5. Wow, DDAY sounds like kind of a D-bag.

    “And frankly, while you might fail at doing two things at once, I happen to be able to chant and watch the match at the same time.” is a retarded thing to say to anyone trying to parent and do anything else.
    Clearly, they know nothing about the reality of parenting, yet still feel entitled to belittle you with it.

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  7. Who the hell is DDAY anyway? That pisses me off. “Can I get the last minute of my life back” you hateful retard, you’re the one who decided to read the blog in the first place. It’s not like Staci forced anyone to look at her blog. Write away Staci, you are amazing! Bragging about being able to chant and watch the game at the same time is equally as retarded, that’s like bragging about walking and chewing gum. You want a cookie for that chant there, pal? “Love your haters, they’re your biggest fans”-Kanye West. Since Douche Day enjoys being a jerk so much, I thought I’d quote one of the biggest jerks in the music business. Sounds like they’d get along.

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