Random Facts Post

Everywhere I read about babies they say no TV until they’re two. This week has been long, weird and hard so Jack and I have watched TV everyday. Hopefully he’ll be ok for it. Since this week has been hard I don’t have anything written. Instead of just leaving no post I’ll post something random. Random facts!

1. I think the 7 button on my remote is failing.

2. I’m going to a baby shower tonight and am probably going to be overdressed, but I got a new dress and want to wear it.

3. I probably spent far too much money this week.

4. My sister started looking for houses for me and Jack a couple weeks ago and yesterday we looked at one that might be suitable for crack addict.

5. I’m knitting a lot.

6. I’m watching TV a lot. Mostly Netflix stuff on my Wii.

7. I’ve been on Facebook a lot.

8. I’m going out of town next weekend without my kiddo and words cannot express how excited I am.

9. They’re turning my favorite zombie comic into a TV Series. I just need to find someone who gets AMC so I can watch it.

10. I need to make some friends who aren’t girls. No offense to my awesome girlfriends. Also I need a date.

11. I just saw someone win $11, 500 playing Plinko on the Price is Right.


5 responses to “Random Facts Post

  1. 1. Possible solution: http://www.amazon.com/Universal-Giant-Jumbo-Remote-Control/dp/B000R7NBIO/ref=pd_cp_e_1

    2. Do it.

    3. Have you ever used Mint.com? It’s awesome. Also, I think you’ll be okay…we’re not perfect.

    4. Why/where are you moving to?

    5. What are you knitting?

    8. Where are you going?

    10. Hello?

    11. Read this article: http://www.esquire.com/print-this/price-is-right-perfect-bid-0810?page=all

  2. 1. I love that it’s the giant size.
    2. Psh! I totally will.
    3. Used to use Mint but don’t know the password since Jordan set it up and everything has changed now. I think it’s going to delete soon though. Maybe I’ll start it again.
    4. My neighbor kids annoy me and the utilities bills are ridiculous. I think I can find something better.
    5. A sweater for Jackers.
    8. The beach.
    10. Hi.
    11. That article is long, but I skimmed it. I watch the Price is Right a lot. I never win. 🙂

  3. 4. http://www.padmapper.com/
    10. Can we play Settlers of Catan some time?

  4. 4. Thanks, that’s fun!
    10. Ugh, I guess I could give it another chance. When?

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