What is it about a man with an instrument that is so alluring for me? It’s not just guitarists, bass player or drummers, it’s any instrument, piano, fiddle, cello. I’m a sucker for a guy who knows how to play his instrument well. I really can’t tell if it’s the fact that they play well, the music itself or their passion for the music. I can tell you that if said person does not have some kind of passion for their music I get a lot less enchanted. N*Sync for example, is fun to listen to on occasion, but I wouldn’t go see them live. I listen to the one CD of theirs I have on long car rides, and that’s because I know the songs and sing along. It’s more entertainment, a way for them to make some money and get famous than music from their soul.

Most of the bands I truly love I’ve seen live. A couple examples, Weezer. I heard these guys for the first time in Junior High when the Sweater Song came on the radio. I bought their cassette tape soon after hearing it and played it almost constantly. I didn’t actually go to one of their shows until I was a sophomore in college. After seeing Weezer play live I was totally hooked. I can listen to them any time of day and it makes me feel happy.

mc chris is a rapper that my friend Cassie introduced me to fourish years ago with Fett’s Vett. Of course I loved it, who wouldn’t love a song about Boba Fett and if you don’t maybe we need to reevaluate our friendship. She gave me the album Eating’s Not Cheating to borrow and I couldn’t take it out of my CD player. It was so catchy, fun and crass! So when he came to town and Cass invited me to the show I jumped right on that bandwagon. As soon as he was on stage I fell in love and he didn’t even play an instrument, it was all done on his computer. But it was so obvious that he loved what he did and had so much fun with it, it was impossible not to pick up on it.

So what is it? It’s not just that their attractive fellows who play good music. I think it goes deeper than that. It’s their passion for music; when it means more to them than just a paycheck. When you put so much of yourself into the music you’re making you make a connection with people. Music can reach depths that are forgotten, buried or ignored and make you face them. Maybe that’s what it is about musicians.


One response to “Musicians…

  1. Aw, I love that you love mc chris so much, we can be our own nerdy little fan club of two.

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