So Exhausted

There is still no real routine when it comes to Jack. Sometimes we have really great weeks sometime we have really crappy weeks. Right now we are in the midst of crap.
Jack is not wanting to sleep at night no matter how much he’s awake during the day. Last night in fact he woke up every hour and a half. He didn’t want to eat, or be swaddled. He just wanted Jordan or me in the room, holding him. Sometimes even when we did that he whimpered and cried. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have colic, because he doesn’t cry constantly. But whatever it is that’s bugging him at night is also bugging me.
I’d really like to get some sleep.


2 responses to “So Exhausted

  1. 😦 Bummer! Sounds like little Jack takes after his Auntie Cassie.

  2. Have you tried gas drops? That’s what has kept my babies up at night. They are at the grocery store and can be mixed into a bottle or just straight up. it helps if there is anything bugging their tummies!

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