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The Month Old in Vegas

Air travel has never been my favorite way to go. I admit I like the speed in which you arrive at your destination, but air travel normally stresses me out. Especially since all those extra safety precautions have been put into practice.

I don’t know where this stress comes from. It could come from the terrible experience I had flying with my family from Southern California to Central Oregon. It was Christmas Eve. Our first flight was delayed, so we “missed” our connecting flight, even though they hadn’t closed the doors or started the engines yet. What I think happened is our seats got given to stand by passengers. Instead of just telling us this the woman at the counter said we were too late and that we couldn’t get on the flight. After pleading and arguing with her for ten minutes they finally closed the doors and started the engine. We spent the night at the Portland Airport and caught a flight the next day.

Or it could be that I have to find a way to cram all the shampoo I’ll need for any given trip into a 3 oz. container but whatever.

All that to say flying stresses me out. So this weekend started out on the stressful side for me. I was going to be flying with my month old son in tow. Yes I was going to be the woman with the baby on the plane. Not only that, but I’ve been conditioned by my husband to not check bags. So this was our goal for this trip as well, even though we’d have a baby.

I didn’t realize how much stuff a baby uses on a daily basis until I was trying to fit everything into one bag and one “personal item.”  Luckily for this trip we’d be staying in a nice resort (thanks to my mom) so I didn’t have to worry about the whole 3 oz. container thing for my hair products. But Jack had to have a whole array of things. He also brought twice as many clothes as I did, along with two blankets and a Baby Bjorn.

My sister graciously came with me to help out with the little tyke and honestly the flight there was not too bad. He slept most of the time and only grumbled once or twice which was quickly fixed with a pacifier.

The next challenge came when we told our friend Hannah we would meet her for breakfast, which turned into brunch, which turned into lunch. It took us all that long to figure out what to do, get ready and go. Jack rode along and sweated in his Baby Bjorn as Elise and I walked the strip to meet Hannah.

A Baby Bjorn is a wonderful thing. I’d never used it until that day, but I adore it. It’s great to have your baby so close yet have your arms free.

As you may have guessed bringing a month old baby on a trip like this is not common, so we got lots of comments; most of which were along the lines of ‘what a cute baby!’ And ‘how old is he?’ There was one man who said something completly different.

Elise and I were waiting for the free shuttle that would take us to the strip from our hotel. He was standing in front of us with his family. He turned to his wife after eyeing Jack for a moment and said something like, ‘I wouldn’t bring him here. He’s way too young for Vegas.’ Like we couldn’t hear him as he stood directly in front of us about a foot away.

I didn’t hear him say that, but Elise said she wanted to turn to him and tell him he didn’t know what we were here for so maybe he should shut the hell up. We were there for a wedding by the way, not to drink and gamble and check out male strippers. Although I am planning on going back to do those things as soon as I can leave Jack for a few days.

And the last challenge getting Jack back to Seattle after his schedule had been royally screwed up, not to mention being a grumpy, tired baby. He was fine as we strolled through the Vegas airport, had breakfast and boarded, but for the rest of the flight he was fussy, and even let out a few screams as we made our descent into Seattle. Surprisingly though I just took the child in my arms, stuck a pacifier in his mouth and talked quietly to him in reassuring tones and I didn’t feel stressed at all. I just felt like a mom.

So Exhausted

There is still no real routine when it comes to Jack. Sometimes we have really great weeks sometime we have really crappy weeks. Right now we are in the midst of crap.
Jack is not wanting to sleep at night no matter how much he’s awake during the day. Last night in fact he woke up every hour and a half. He didn’t want to eat, or be swaddled. He just wanted Jordan or me in the room, holding him. Sometimes even when we did that he whimpered and cried. I’m pretty sure he doesn’t have colic, because he doesn’t cry constantly. But whatever it is that’s bugging him at night is also bugging me.
I’d really like to get some sleep.