Baby Blocked

I’ll be honest. I’m not sure what to write about today. I’ve been thinking about it since Jack came home and I’ve got a couple ideas but nothing worth expanding on. I thought about writing my birth story, but I’m not sure I want that floating around on the internet. I’ll say this though, it was really fast, really intense and really un-medicated. My entire birth plan went out the window after my water broke. I guess Jack had his own birth plan. Come out and come fast.

I’ll say a word about the adjustment of having a baby in the house. Half the time it’s totally great and I love it! The other half is frustrating, weird and scary. I always thought that people exaggerated how often a baby woke up during the night. They don’t. Even as I write this I’m tired, because of the wakeful sleep I got last night.

I discovered that if I was given the option to sit around the house all day watching movies and having people wait on me hand and foot I would most likely not choose that. I’m still in recovery technically but am sort of ignoring that fact. After Jordan went to work today I tidied up the house and actually ate lunch at the table instead of the couch. I didn’t get a ton done, but I feel better about today than almost any other day.

As complainy as this post sounds, I love my baby and love having him in the house. I don’t know what I was expecting when I first brought him home, but he’s really a lot of fun and the cutest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.


2 responses to “Baby Blocked

  1. hi’s me sandy danielle adams.loving reading your blogs!i’m supporting you-praying for your loss of Jordo.and happy if u don’t mind me checking in sometimes. God Bles u and jack.i find writing a blessing in all times of life.ur writings r special.lots of love positive thoughts hugs prayers and joy wished to u.:=)

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